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Long/short equity, special situations, growth at reasonable price
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Long/short equity, special situations, growth at reasonable price
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CHK horrible! you COMPLETELY ignored the huge huge debt load. Carl Icahn provides no impetus whatsoever. if he wanted to buy it who takes on the 10 billion plus in debt? not him.
you are done, hit the bricks!
Long NLY & SAN - Brazil will eventually emerge out of recession much stronger providing a big bounce to SAN over next 3 years - holding in IRA.
Bloomberg, run baby run: So Hillary the world's biggest pathological liar can lose!
interesting, Digital Ally probably has a good chance at winning a big settlement for a small market cap good oppty.
4.6$ billion valuation? what are the revenues in 2014 and 2015? warning signs abound.
softbank actually bought more so it's a long term bet
this has gone nowhere thanks to the company being a crapshoot of bad management, horrible management! & overpaid.
Short negative articles were pure lies and fantasy!
it is signaling a bottom for NLY as well!
5 times there have been predictions of no bottom ever. contrarian indicator!
1. the new CEO has SPECIFICALLY spoken in favor of buybacks before, unlike Denahan.
2. the rest of the board is definitely not against buybacks, only Denahan has evidenced to have been.
3. the yield can go higher.
4. the buybacks if your premise which we believe is incorrect plays out will drive this a lot higher.
9 years ago costs and inflation were not lower.
expectations for apple were orgasmic of course it was bound to disappoint
his name is Kevin Keyes. Do a fact check and spell check before posting...
I agree it looks like buybacks are the reason for the change the board is voting Denahan out and not making it look bad for her. She may be gone soon and big investors will cheer.
Needs an activist investor now to push for dividend then mission accomplished!
Great!!! Now start buying back shares stat.then we have a $11-12 share price easy.
no mention of on-going slowdown in China. if people aren't buying luxury cars why would they buy two or three iphones and ipads?
why is he a voice with no vote??
Not worth a bil maybe 750$ mil or less.
People don't want or need homes when they can get condos in center of areas with lots to do
not a short yet. but will be fun for shorts to be writhing tomorrow.
he isn't shorting it. he bought it at 100....
and exactly as I predicted in the bottom. the contrarian indicator was all the negative uninformed bashing articles on here which lacked insight or facts.
buy bear stearns. nothing to be worried about. when he started pumping bear stearns before it collapsed that's when I lost 100% confidence in anything he may bloviate on!!
Yes the deal will get through Greek parliament theres no choice except totalcollapse....
SAN will rally more after the drop on irrational Greek fears
to keep it simple Sprint should merge with T-Mobile. Softbank provides financing.