Patrick Rooney

Long/short equity, portfolio strategy, options, technical analysis
Patrick Rooney
Long/short equity, portfolio strategy, options, technical analysis
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That would be a very efficient way of issuing debt. Would be healthy for them to do IMO. It would be interesting to see how much their sales/profits/costs would change on a relative basis to. Keeping this one on our watchlist.
Great article, very well done research. Wondering what your thought are on them now? Thesis the same I'd imagine. I'm bullish on PNRA as well, but what do you think about their debt to equity of 0.10? Very small, definitely some room to issue some debt if they would use it for anything worth while. Trying to come up with what they would use the debt for, if anything, aside from furthering Panera 2.0 and its delivery hubs.
Great article Eric! Very well done. Research clearly there. Expected market return may be a little high with rate hikes possibly coming in September, but still a fundamentally strong company!
Of course, always more than willing to help out!
Goodwill primarily represents the amount paid for Clayton in excess of the fair value of identifiable net assets acquired. The goodwill represents the estimated future economic benefits arising from the assets it acquired that did not qualify to be identified and recognized individually, and includes the value of discounted expected future cash flows of Clayton. You can read up on the Clayton acquisition here:
Although very interesting, I did not include information in regards to the Clayton acquisition in my analysis. Enjoy and thanks for the comment!
Great first article! Looks like a great play from a value as well as a growth perspective. Should be interesting to see how FNGN does in the future.
Very interesting study, could definitely add a lot of potential to Smith & Nephew's future!
The jump in October 2014 was from Q3 reported revenue increase of 12% followed by a Q4 increase of 6%. Its P/E of about 31x is below the industry average too. I appreciate the read nonetheless, should be interesting to see how Smith & Nephew does in the next few quarters!
Stryker announced that instead of acquiring Smith & Nephew they will be adding onto its own share buy back program. My thesis is that it has long term value, and the Stryker acquisition was never confirmed so I still stand by my original thesis. There is definitely a noticeable amount of value to be found still!
Smith & Nephew was pumped up a few days ago too from news about an acquisition too, and now today it was bumped back down. Intraday moves like this will happen, but regardless of the acquisition news I definitely still see future value for Smith & Nephew.
I can agree with you in terms of AEO. Strong financials, however slowly losing market share and consumer demand as compared to RL. Should be interesting to see how these do throughout 2015!
Thanks for the read, and I'm glad you found it informative. PWR is a relatively under covered company as well IMO. Bright future given their current levels; fundamentally & technically.
I'm long KOG, but expecting the sell off to continue into Q1 2014. Been cutting back on my KOG stock position for the past few months now. Safer to play it with options from a trading perspective. Currently net short due to options, but long a small stock position nonetheless. Check out my recent article related to KOG-
Thanks for the reply, WTR definitely undiscovered still in my opinion too. I'd be surprised if it wasn't slightly more covered by analysts a few months into 2014.
400 shares is a good size position too. I do not have any shares, but I've been playing it with options lately. Great company though, with I would have gotten in earlier.
I've heard a lot about Greenberg. Support him much more than some other board members I've read about. For example Ward of SandRidge..
Thanks for your input and the reply.
In response to how WTR has done compared to the S&P, it is underperforming the market right now. This does present more of a buying opportunity for Aqua America though in my opinion. Previously it couldn't maintain $28+ but it will test those levels again in the long run.
Exactly, Aqua America will continue to make acquisitions in states other than Pennsylvania allowing them to hedge against the risk if revenue significantly decreases in PA. Until there's a reasonable substitute for water I like WTR at its current levels.
Only a small risk in my opinion with Pennsylvania being the state with the largest percentage of revenue. Helps a lot that it is hedged with operations in a number of other states on top of that. Would like to see revenue proportions level out from state to state in the future nonetheless.
Thanks for the reply. Definitely a bonus too for those long WTR. Have not seen a lot of companies offering a dividend reinvestment program as well.
I will be sure to look into those. Been watching NOG for a while now too. I appreciate the input.
KOG definitely a buyout candidate in my opinion. Don't have an exact number but I've heard anything from $15/share to $30/share. IMO I'd like to see something near $20 only with a buyout, for now though I'm net short. EOX used to be Voyager (VOG). Not sure about another potential buyout going forward.
KOG & EOX are short plays. big fan of OAS myself, have a small position. would rather play it with options instead of taking on a large stock position.
Would be interesting to see a CRR SLCA merger. Even to see a company like HAL pick up another proppant player, or go straight to the proppant. HAL is too large for my liking but fundamentally a good investment IMO.
Of course, more to come hopefully. Agree to go straight for the proppant too.
$129.25 was my neutral sentiment while using very conservative growth percentages for revenue and majority of their income statement Y/Y.
Assuming Carbo will have little to no new debt between now and 2015 (maintaining a debt to equity under 0.5) and that capex will not exceed the 2010 high of 96.5mm is what drives my valuation of $129. Keep in mind that this valuation was done in mid October, although I stand by my original valuation that Carbo is nearing its book value and is more of a growth play now.
why the drop AH though? same with KOG for those who follow them as well..both SD and KOG beat today
great company long term IMO. short term i see a pull back in august but after that i feel like itll reach 5.00 by 2013 no problem
been long KOG for a long time and been following DEJ. not sure when DEJ will spike. 0.22 is a good entry point though IMO
KOG, King of the Bakken. follow me on StockTwits (@pjroo411), i cover and very closely follow KOG, SD, HERO, and a few other small oils with pretty good growth potential.
long $HERO, follow me on Stocktwits. I closely follow and cover a few other small oils. @pjroo411 long term oil plays while hedging with short term option and LEAPS ($KOG)
long KOG and SD. both good plays long term. SD a better play short term IMO, because it still has a lot of room to run. KOG running into resistance around $8.75. SD has strong support around $6.05
DEJ going no where, i agree with..but im long a very small position in the stock. i havent looked into the company at all. just thought i would give it a shot.