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Not sure how you calculated $0 per share. Completely bogus IMO.
SGYP market cap fully diluted is not $600M. It's $1B
Only saving grace is, NASDAQ equity requirements notwithstanding, a license deal with a recognizable US entity with such low float and market cap could easily result in another 10-20X gain over a matter of days.
Ok. I'm not even going to try to read up on all the stuff that's been said and just offer my two cents:
First: If anyone gets info that John Petersen has been indicted for any reason please personal message me. I'll be at his trial.
Second: Gesang is a POS. Period. Screw that guy.
Third: Management clearly doesn't have their act together with amendments upon amendments while the ship sinks.
Wow. Completely clueless comment.
contrarianadvisor called $10 on FCX a long time ago.
That seemed impossible to a lot of people at that time.
Any thoughts on RXII considering Ahn is out of the picture and Tang's fangs have been dulled?
I note that this advice is just as easily applied to any penny stock. Doesn't have to be a biotech although the catalysts in biotech are often scheduled.
I for one got completely creamed by cashless conversion B warrants in AXPW.
I rank your metrics the following way:
#1) Management
#2) Cashless conversion warrant clauses
#3) Catalysts
#4) Debt
#5) Preferred Stock
#6) Cash burn
IOW, cash burn, preferred stock, and ordinary debt can be overcome by having plenty of catalysts in the pipeline, well structured strategic investments, and most importantly, good management.
I don't comment on these boards often, but I've been following it and Ben was RIGHT ON! (Long term bullish, intermediate term bearish, short lived rallies YTD) - can't get more accurate than that. If he wants to credit his success at predicting the market to Elliot Wave analysis or whatever, that's his business. I would note that Elliot Wave Analysis is highly subjective. Another user of EW would have made a different prediction.
And to all those who know who they are and have constantly taken the opposite side of his are trolls now.
QP> There is something very fishy about @leopardtrader. His website is horrid. For a guy with all these clients and money, he can't hire a professional to do the website?
Ah, well elderly people read the newspaper. And they also take investing advice from William Devane. Not sure what the consequence of reading "Gold in a tailspin!" will be. More capitulation ahead IMO. Time to start nibbling on silver though.
XLB is not a commodity play.
The top three holdings in XLB are:
those are chemical companies whose bottom line benefits from lower raw material costs
The performance of XLB has nothing to do with GLD or frankly anything related to commodity investing.
What are you even talking about? "no one gets the exact top or bottom"
On the definition...someone always does
with you on ROKA and BOTA. They even rhyme. Not so enthusiastic about the others.
I rest my case. No further questions.
sore loser...
So, ~320M shares fully diluted.
$10M cash received within the next few months.
Guaranteed revenues of $1M after 3 years.
$20M from $1B in sales in the Asia region.
Warrant price levels of $0.10 and $0.50.
Did I get that right?
Expecting another R/S soon and raising additional capital through similar strategic licenses, although the company may need a short-term loan to make it through the execution of the Asia deal.
Well, ^%$#. As others have said, this is what the company should have done before we lost all our money.
You were not the only one pounding the table for a license.
Classic case of founders' folly.
whoever bought shares on Jun 4 is a criminal
and the education continues!
I did a little back of the envelope calculations and I estimate that SiriusXM has about 1/10 the cost of maintaining and growing it's network than a ground-based network like Verizon's does. If they can break into video and general data-services kiss the cable company goodbye. $100B acquisition target. In any case, a severely undervalued company. Well anyways, IRDM and SIRI are both ripe for a market-cap upgrade.
Capital raise and grant add ~$45 in cash.
Caladrius name change removes "stem-cell" stigma.
Recent investor presentation addresses the control issue: "No relationship between native bone marrow CD34 cell counts and clinical improvements (in MACE, mortality, or ejection fraction) in control."
Long time before new milestones.
Anybody else notice the stock price and volume today?
So just to be clear - you expect USA to block dumping from China while at the same time China allows USA to export at fair value? Doesn't make sense. If we inhibit China exports, they will respond in kind.
That makes sense.
Unrelated question: Does anybody have any idea what material business besides looking for more stock/money to burn is happening in New Castle?
RBrun> I don't disagree that Edmund is spending a great deal of time on the board for a much reduced audience and for no reasonable financial endgame, however, as far as the patents go, I think he's on to something: Despite the veiled guarantees of JP, I wouldn't be surprised if Axion lost a patent fight with the UltraBattery.
Ok. I read it. "Confidential information" would be something that is not part of the public record. Since any patent law decision would depend on the patents - which are public record - and not "trade secrets" - maybe I'm missing some "subtlety" here - but logically speaking there is nothing that you know that the public doesn't that would be admissible as evidence for patent protection, particularly 10-12 years after the fact.
also, the implication in paragraph 12: "Be careful to avoid inadvertent disclosures of information in the course of social conversations"
has already been thoroughly violated on all counts via this board so I really don't understand the reluctance to say what it is about the patents, precisely, that is reliable in a legal challenge against the UltraBattery.
I haven't been following the discussion but when JP says - sorry I can't talk about it - my BS meter goes in the red for two reasons
1) if it isn't in the public record it is not defensible as patent protection
2) JP hold his tongue for any reason? LOL.
"I am not at liberty to discuss how or why I have come to believe that this is so."
I agree with Edmund. If the patent is public record, what material evidence could you or JP possibly have that would change what is already plainly obvious from the public record? He merely asks for your interpretation of the facts.
keep fighting the good fight Edmund.
hi contrarianadvisor>
what do you say to the idea that demand for dollars will weaken as demand for Yuan strengthens?
Does this not change your dollar index targets - i.e. Euro and Yen will not flow into dollars but into Yuan.
I am also of the mindset that short SPY, long FXI is the best market-indexed trade for at least the next 2 years.
Don't really have an opinion on bonds.
I agree that commodities are oversold because of the China slowdown.
I also agree that commodities are going to rebound when it becomes apparent China is not done booming.
One thing I don't hear discussed much is that dollar weakness could persist even as interest rates rise in the US as demand for dollars is redirected to the Yuan instead.
As for BTU, what an opportunity!!
Jan 2017 $5 call
Jan 2016 $8 call
both have a lot of open interest.
A $10 end-2015 price target = 10X on the Jan 2016 $8 call.
A $30 end-2016 price target = 20X on the Jan 2017 $5 call.
any thoughts on which strike/date you like and price targets?