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Paul V. Azzopardi  

Paul V. Azzopardi is an investment counsel. Paul initially trained and worked as a professional accountant and then obtained an MBA from the University of British Columbia. He has worked in the securities industry for the last twenty-five years as a manager of private client accounts, mostly analyzing and recommending income investments, such as dividend stocks, bonds, ETFs and options.

Paul's book "Behavioural Technical Analysis was published by Harriman House. In the book he explores in a practical manner the links between human behavior as studied by behavioral finance and technical analysis and suggests a new behavioral model to explain market phenomena.

His first book, "Investment and ...More
  • Description: Independent financial planner/advisor. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Bonds, Dividend stock ideas & income, ETFs, Forex, Options, REITs, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
ConstantIncome Investment Management Inc. ConstantIncome Investment Management Inc. invests in bonds, stocks, options and Exchange Traded Funds with a focus on deriving income from capital. Our systems make use of fundamental and technical analysis and quantitative techniques developed by Paul Azzopardi, President and Portfolio Manager of the ...More
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Behavioural Technical Analysis - An Introduction to Behavioural Finance and its Role in Technical Analysis About "Behavioural Technical Analysis": -- Behavioural finance – the study of how human sentiment and emotion affects financial decision-making – is a means for achieving a better understanding of how human nature impacts the markets and those who trade in them. -- In this unique book, it is shown how ...More