Paul Zimbardo

Long/short equity, research analyst, dividend investing, tech
Paul Zimbardo
Long/short equity, research analyst, dividend investing, tech
Contributor since: 2009
Should the first sentence read "Duke Energy (DUK) published its Q1 earnings on May 3"
Thanks for the link. It is odd because it is materially different from the simple calculation:
Equity - $2,708,798,000
Common - 374,053,198 shares
BV per Share = $7.24
Do you know the reason for the variance?
What is the source for your book value calculations? They differ from those calculated from the 3/31/13 10Q.
Correct, emphasis on the large in the statement. The dividend was effectively reduced from $.13 monthly to $.10 monthly at the time.
Thank you, I apologize for the oversight - it will be corrected.
All strategies were based on a price of $461.91 (the close on Friday) as indicated in Scenario 2, which is less than one percent where Apple is currently trading. As discussed these are buy-writes, i.e. covered calls.
Thank you for the comment. That is part of an ex-dividend strategy. Please refer to my instablog mentioned above.
You are correct, I pulled the performance last YEAR instead of YTD for MAIN. Thank you.
When JCP is trading below $15 I am seller of $14 short-term puts. The company's fortunes will not deteriorate that quickly and there are more potential positive catalysts than negatives.
Thanks for the breakdown. I take this standpoint - what else can go wrong for the company? I have been selling SHORT-TERM out of the money puts since the abysmal quarter and so far the strategy has worked. I believe there is so much negativism that the downside is limited in the short-term.
This is really a Galaxy S III Version 2.
Your argument that Apple is trailing in innovation by citing battery life is quite flawed. At this point in time battery life is largely a function of battery size and Samsung simply has a larger battery in its phone.
Thanks for catching the typo. Eight years.
Agreed. The quarter missed the mark on multiple fronts.
Correct, please refer to the chart at the bottom of the article. Thank you for the comment.
Investors should read what the lawsuit was really about. Hint it was not about Apple hoarding cash. In summary it was about who has the authority to issue preferred shares, the board or the shareholders.
Many would argue about the company with the most users in history. Bill Gates and the late Henry Ford would be high on that list.
I mention in the second paragraph that today is a market holiday.
As discussed in my instablog, the strategy can be utilized to buy either BEFORE or ON/AFTER the ex-dividend date depending on price movements.
Unfortunately I do not cover those securities but feel free to review my other articles and follow me if you would like!
Thanks for the comment!
Thanks for the mention!
"you may think that you are comfortable owning a stock at a certain price.The buyers remorse sets in big time when the fundamentals change.... "
This is no different than if you had initiated a long position. The benefit of the call is that you have a cushion to reduce the losses.
You cannot own CLF anymore.
I do prefer AGNC and am long. I highlighted ARR because it is going ex-dividend this week. The AGNC conference call transcript is a must read for any MBS investor.
Hi Ken,
Publishing and tracking a portfolio is very time consuming but I do publish other articles at least weekly with recommendations. I may revist these five or publish a new set if I am able to find some free time.
I question any article that calls Apple's SEC reported "cash+" or "hedge fund" a secret. This is available with a quick google search.
Apple's "secret" hedge fund that is disclosed as a subsidiary in the publicly available SEC filings? Apple's investment portfolio that is also disclosed in the public available SEC filings?
Humana continues to rally after strong earnings and is now trading near $79.
Thanks for the comment Bill. That can attribute to a portion but the paid subs declined less than expected due to more inactivity. The DVD business is a cash cow but it is particularly fragile in that small changes in usage can have large impacts on margins.
Thanks for the article, I am glad you enjoyed it.
With respect to new share issuances, it comes down to the issuance price. For example if shares are trading at $10 and the new shares are issued for $9, that destroys value for current shareholders. On the other hand if the new shares are issued at $10, current shareholders should not be too upset.
Hi Bill - Any thoughts on SODA recently? I am hearing that they have a killer Super Bowl commercial planned that could spike revenue.
URI has risen from approximately $43 to $51 (18.6%) and HUM has risen from approximately $69 to $75 (8.7%) in less than one month!