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  • Paulo Santos
    When will someone from the Fed come on TV and say they'll going to print 'till the cows come home?
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    • funguide: eartly man: we need help FED. Godly FED: WE SHALL DO UNLIMITED MBS PURCHASES.
    • Paulo Santos: No, we need 2X unlimited now!
    • wigit5: Can the fed just start a direct deposit to me to the tune of 3500/week that would be great
    • Whitehawk: The Fed(s) prosecute counterfeiters, even if it is in the form of gold or silver coins. Bad for the family business.
    • Alex Rasmussen: In all seriousness Paulo read some Dalio and Soros. This is not only necessary but working. These guys know macro better than anyone.
    • PSalerno: It is working, but it is only part of the solution, without political action and scientific innovation will not work long term.