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Pawel Perz
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Thank You all for valuable comments.
Nedilwo: Last year Qihu outperformed Baidu, company results grew fantastically. For me at current levels Qihu is a little bit too expensive (but it may be justified by high growth expectation). I feel better when I invest in stock which are not so expensive. Foe investors who are able to take a little bit more risk Qihu may be a good investment target. Technical analysis should be useful here - breaking resistance level at 91-92 will be a buy signal, with short term profit target around 99-100$ (100$ should be psychologically barrier). I will avoid holding Qihu when it will release its results, because taking into consideration high growth expectations, disappointing results may lead to sudden drop.
Good luck on your investments!
You are right, but at current level it maybe a little bit overvalued - with 5.4 bln market cap and 329 mln sales. Fundamentally I prefer Bidu, but Qihu as investors favorite is also worth considering, but for more aggressive and speculative position.
There is no easy answer in such situation. The answer will depend on Your trading strategy, your investment horizon, the size of Your position in BAIDU in comparison to your overall portfolio and so on.
If I buy shares of a company because of technical reasons, I usually know at which price I will exit my position (in case of loss). Sometimes I buy companies because of fundamental reasons but than I also try to use technical analysis to find a best moment of entry and exit. BAIDU is at support level ($100-$105) so probably it's better to wait and see if support will stop further declines.
Thanks for Your comments. Excellent analysis of possibility of inclusion CDE to S&P500.
Marquis,Stocks of First Majestic has also performed very well, I agree with You that it's interesting pick. Another interesting mining company is Fresnillo which is traded in London (third producer of silver in the World in 2011).
Baidu relaunched its mobile browser on 3rd of September.
Reviews are very positive so far.
Assuming we will face a next financial crises: what will be better investment in metal or metal producers? I think it is another interesting aspect of making decision about investing in producers or metal.