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I like the stock. AAPL has more than 140 billion now.
Great constructive comment - exactly what I'm looking for!
What, you don't have any doubts or concerns regarding any of your investments? Go buy an index fund.
Thanks, UncleFred! This is exactly the type of constructive comment I'm asking for.
I agree with you that often the comment section is value valuable than the article. I'm just putting my thoughts out there. I have thick skin, so lay on it thick!
Thanks, this is exactly the type of comment I'm looking for! Thoughful and adds value.
When I write positive articles on Apple, its like a rally party gone wild in the comment section and everybody is my friend. Then I throw in a negative piece to balance out my thinking and I get hammered. I'm not looking for compliments or complaints, I just want thoughtful comments like this.
I'm not sure why I would use cheap tricks on anybody. I own AAPL shares. Why is everyone so hostile?
Hey, thats a greeat idea!
I'm not recommending anything. I'm giving reasons why I'm long the meditum term, but will be selling it on the bounce.
Thanks for the feedback! This isn't an investment thesis - I have 2 articles explaining (in general terms... I don't share my proprietary research) why I'm long AAPL, and still am. This is an discussion putting out a different view. I like your feedback though!
Sorry Larry, I would not invest you either as an income generating asset
We can still be friends though.
Thanks for the comment :) Like iPhones, I was maufactured in China but quickly shipped to the US.
Agreed. Adding iWatch and iTV into the mix would be interesting, but probably not a game changer - hard to tell though.
I recently wrote an article with a sightly different bent:
"Simply asking a question"? Sure, your title didn't imply anything at all. Are you clueless? Just a simple question.
I'm most definitely a Buffett groupie - guilty as charged!
Shorting Apple is like running at full spead, head first, into a brick wall - a brick wall of cash that is.
Yes, I've been noticing this trend with this author too... I haven't found a single article that added any value.
I'll break the silence by just stating the obvious - this is a really poorly written article with very weak reasoning by authors who are apparently misguided. You should talk about more fundamental factors that investors care about.
Take this article for example:
I recommend you read more thought out articles like the one above. Keep up the good effort though, you'll get there one day! Let me know if you have any questions regarding investing - I'll be happy to help. Best of luck.
I've worked in China and I think you are spot on. Somebody got paid by Samsung. Samsung fights dirty, that's for sure.
Great insight!
I believe this will happen since there are multiple models for every other Apple product. When it does happen, the media will probably act surprised.
Always great to hear from experts!
I was being a bit of tongue-in-cheek when I said their products stink ; )
Buffett advised Cook that the best thing you can do for shareholder is to run the company well. You can't run a company well if you are concerned about the feelings of speculators!
Great comment. I believe Apple margins will compress a bit, but given the market as a whole is growing so fast, cash flow should remain strong.
Samsung is sort of like Hyundai: they lure you in with great specs (recall Hyundai's false advertisement regarding their MPG) and a good price, then you regret buying it and swear never to buy another product made by them. This is why people buying Samsung products are switching the Apple.
I agree! I love how short-term traders believe they can manage Apple better than Apple's management, and just how quickly they give up on the company. I'm really hoping for depressed shares and Apple hitting the gas peddle on share buybacks. Per today's speculation, dividends would be nice too, but I prefer the former.
Thanks for reading! Lookings like the market might be changing its view on Apple. I'm not sure why the possible increase in dividend is driving up shares so much since obviously Apple has to do something with all those billions - it is a given that distributions will increase sooner or later!
Thanks for following! Actually, I take it back that you have not contributed anything. Indeed you have contributed to my to my thinking and new SA policy: do not engage in flame wars; respond only to readers who has added something of value; ignore trolls. It was nicing fanning the flame, but I'll just end it right here ; )
The issue with margins is that it is nearly impossible to replicate the margins of the old given the extra week in the year + the relatively tame competition. I suspect margins will compress going forward, but AAPL is in a very fast growing market which it is a leader in. I'm satisified with cash flow generation.
Greetings Toucalit Benton or Art Papartassee,
I remain confused by your lack of point here. You are certainly right that you are "lacking credentials", and I'll take your advice to view your comments as for "entertainment" only. Since you questioned my qualifications in another comment, and since I write annoymously, I'll disclose that I am a young investment professional with experience trading derivatives and making private equity investments, hold a CFA, and graduated from an Ivy with honors. Go take your condesending and snide comments elsewhere if you are unwilling to add anything of substance, which I have requested multiple times.
Best regards.
I'd be interesting to see the short-term price flucutions going forward. With the recent upswing, who knows what magical resistence level this has broken and Super-Dupper buy signal this has triggered. Only a short while ago analysts thought AAPL would be the first Trillion Dollar Company.