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Peter Beller  

My name is Peter Beller—I represent the public face of NestEgg Wealth, a startup that's putting the best wealth management tools online for free. Our company believes that every investors, large and small, should have access to sophisticated financial advice, long-term financial planning and unbiased, conflict-free recommendations.

I am a professional journalist who has written extensively on personal finance and investing for Forbes, and I have an MBA and a master's in journalism from Columbia University and a bachelor's in physics from the University of Chicago.

In addition to myself, we have a great team of executives and full-time bloggers whose combined experience ...More
  • Description: PR Professional.
  • Interests: Bonds, Commodities, Developed International Markets, Dividend stock ideas & income, ETFs, Mutual funds, REITs, Stocks - long
NestEgg Wealth We believe that your money should work for you, not against you, and that investing should make life easier, not harder. We believe people should stop losing money in the stock market and instead achieve their financial goals. This is why NestEgg exists. Our vision is of a world where regular people can ...More
NestEgg Magazine NestEgg Magazine provides thoughtful commentary on the latest trends and science behind investing for the long term. Brought to you by the team at NestEgg Wealth, an online wealth management service now in beta, our blog covers asset allocation, financial planning, the markets and economy and more. Our ...More
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