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Peter Brock  

Vancouver-based, I am a veteran of the investment industry. I inhabit Graham & Doddsville, but I am not a strict fundamentalist. My abiding interest in investor misbehaviour and market history has led me to study intrinisic value and post-bubble malaise.

I'm an active online publisher, with two sites

1. Brock Value: about the intrinsic value of the S&P 500

2. Lost Decades: tracking the lost decade we are in now
  • Description: Investment Consultant. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: ETFs, Stocks - long
Brock Value, Lost Decades Brock Value: A long answer to a short question: What is the market worth?

Lost Decades: Tracking the lost decade we're in now, and how we got ourselves in this mess.
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After 12 years and six months, the Dow has produced a measly 0.78% annual return, dividends included. $SPY Jul 8, 2012
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