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  • A 10% Energy Sector Yield With Low Utility Sector Risk: GNE Preferred Stock [View article]
    Well articulated. Keep the articles coming!
    Jan 24, 2015. 09:47 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Junior Falco Resources Prime Takeout Candidate [View instapost]
    Management of Falco thinks that the stock price should be well over $1/share in at takeout scenario. The key will be if there's competitive tension, i.e. multiple bidders for Falco
    Jan 22, 2015. 11:30 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Update: Osisko Gold Royalties Files Early Warning Report In Connection With Its Stake In Falco Resources [View article]
    FYI, featured interview (yesterday) of Falco Resources' SVP of Business Development
    Jan 21, 2015. 08:54 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Graphite One Is Dead Money [View article]
    Page 19, my mistake, page 19 not page 21 of corporate presentation says company will publish PEA in April-May of 2015.
    Dec 15, 2014. 09:08 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Pershing Gold Delivers Blockbuster Drill Results [View article]
    Whoa, slow down Peter. How about fact checking before repeating PGLC's math errors?

    .119opt does [b] NOT [/b] equate to 4.070gpt

    .119opt x 31.103g in a troy ounce = 3.701257gpt.

    When converting from ounces per short ton, the company moves to grams per metric tonne. A metric tonne is about 10% larger than a short ton. That's your difference.
    Oct 23, 2014. 11:04 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Could The Coking Coal Market Get Any Worse? [View instapost]
    i agree. I only said that it might not get worse because it is already so bad for the coal equities that they are all staring at a dismal future as it is. I guess a worse market would simply hasten the race to the bottom, i.e. chapter 11.
    Oct 20, 2014. 03:44 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Africa Opportunity Fund: Unappreciated, Underestimated And Undervalued. [View article]
    This article makes a lot of sense to me. I agree that diversification of a number of risky stocks into one vehicle is frequently a good idea. Hopefully, an investment in this fund would have low correlation to the overall stock markets, which good.
    Aug 15, 2014. 11:42 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • WindStream Technologies, Inc.: Why This $160 Million Company Could Drop 75%+ [View article]
    No one thought it was worth posting this June 27th 8-k filing??? This came out today, Friday, at about 3pm. Quote,

    "Windstream Technologies, Inc., a Wyoming corporation, has been made aware of certain promotion materials that were distributed by the an entity named “The Wall Street Revelator” which makes various statements about the Company, its operations, customers, valuation and stock. The Company had no role in preparing or disseminating such materials, did not pay for them, was unaware that these materials had been prepared and did not consent to, or participate in, such preparation or dissemination. Any celebrity or other endorsements, quotes, photographs, and the like used or depicted in such materials were also prepared and disseminated without the Company’s knowledge, consent, direction or participation.

    As of the date hereof, the Company has not been contacted by any party to confirm, refute or comment in any way on these materials. The Company also cannot give any assurances that the aforementioned materials are the only such materials distributed by third parties. Because the Company did not participate in the preparation of such materials, and was not consulted by the preparer or distributor of these materials, these materials should not be relied upon and, instead, any interested parties should review the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission on, including our Annual report on Form 10-K, visit our website at, or contact the Company directly for information about the Company, including, without limitation, our operations, financial condition and securities."
    Jun 27, 2014. 08:33 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • NOVX21: The 'Clean' Way To Invest In The Coming PGM Boom [View article]
    Montreal (Quebec), June 20, 2014 - The management team NovX21 invites the media to a press conference at which it will make an important announcement. This presentation will be in the presence of Mr. Sylvain Boulanger, President and CEO of NovX21, the mayor of Thetford Mines, Marc-Alexandre Brousseau, and several stakeholders.

    What: Press conference
    When: Wednesday 25 June 2014 to 13 h 15
    Where: Hôtel de Ville de Thetford Mines (Board Room)
    144, rue Notre-Dame Ouest
    Thetford Mines (Quebec) G6G 5T3
    418 335-2981
    Jun 20, 2014. 09:42 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • NOVX21: The 'Clean' Way To Invest In The Coming PGM Boom [View article]
    So far so good Adem....stock up 1.5c (14%) on strong trading volume. Welcome to the SeekingAlpha family. When's your next article on NOVX coming out :)
    Jun 19, 2014. 10:55 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • NOVX21: The 'Clean' Way To Invest In The Coming PGM Boom [View article]
    NOVX21 is attractive because it's so small. Unlike much larger companies that own smelters or companies like SWC, NOVX21 has a fully-diluted market cap of just C$ 14.5 million. And, it's important to recognize that if the warrants and options included in the fully-diluted market cap get exercised (30 million of which have a strike price of 20 cents per share), the company would receive proceeds of about C$ 10 million. Some detractors point to a wall of 20 cent paper hitting the market, but if that happens, the company will have an additional C$ 10 million in the bank. That's enough to fund a second 10-reactor facility! I'm working under the assumption that the next C$10 million raised will be the last time the company has to issue any equity / convertible debt-- the company's body language on this coming capital raise is that it will have a very meaningful debt component, but the devil is in the details. Hopefully, we will see what the funding package looks like ASAP. I would not be surprised to see NOVX stock start to rally after the funding package is announced, as the certainty of funding overtakes the fear of the unknown particulars.

    The longer-term picture.... if the company can execute and get it's first 10-reactor plant up and running, is that the 20 cent paper will be a blip in the road. Having said that, it will take NEW investors to buy into this story to get us over that hump. By the way, the wall of shares isn't necessarily at 20c, because holders of 20c warrants/options would not exercise them unless the price of the stock was several pennies higher than that.

    I think NOVX is a highly speculative name, but with funding highly likely (in my opinion, just a question of cost), there's considerable option value in the stock. After funding, I think the shares should have a floor of say 10c with upside to the 16-20c range before holders worry about the 20c options/warrants. All we need is 1 or 2 small institutions to start accumulating a position. The funding package will be a major de-risking event that should attract new investors.

    Thanks again to the author for drawing attention to this company.
    Jun 19, 2014. 08:00 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • NOVX21: The 'Clean' Way To Invest In The Coming PGM Boom [View article]
    This is a great effort for a first article from this author. I am invested in NOVX21. I could not agree more with the bullish thesis on the company and the bullish thesis on PGMs.

    I've done extensive work on NOVX21 and believe that a 10-reactor plant could have a Net Present Value of C$35-C$40 million depending on PGM prices and the replacement cycle of capital equipment. The entire market cap of the company is just C$ 14.5 million, and a single facility that can be built in less than a year and has a payback period of roughly a year is potentially worth 3x the current market cap.

    NOVX21 has zero debt, C$2 million and cash and is reported to be speaking with a small group of institutions and/or gov't agencies about funding the first 10 reactor plant. A key question will be the mix of debt and equity in the funding package. And, if the debt is straight debt or convertible debt. I assume that the company can self-fund the second plant and subsequent plants.
    Jun 18, 2014. 08:10 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Weak Short Thesis Creates Buying Opportunity In Torchlight Energy [View article]
    TRCH at $4.4, short attack not working too well at the moment.

    I guess WTI at $106 and Brent at $112 doesn't hurt either!
    Jun 12, 2014. 01:52 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nevada's Gold Standard Ventures, Interview Of CEO Jonathan Awde [View article]
    Some people seem to think that Gold Standard Ventures mgmt would only be pushing for a near-term (July) maiden resource if they were confident that the size and grade will be meaningful. I agree with that sentiment, but I don' think anyone knows what headline number of ounces and/or grade the market is looking for.

    Some want to see 1 million ounces, (at Pinion alone) I think it might be lower than that, somewhere around 800k ounces. I only think that because the company has an historical figure of a bit over 800k ounces.

    However, since Pinion is a near-surface oxide deposit, and drill holes are relatively cheap and take just a few days to drill, the size of the resource could grow (possibly by a lot) by the end of the year. That's really what I'm watching for, the next resource report at Pinion, not the one in July. I think the next resource report could be the one that solidifies the idea that mid-tier and majors will be taking GSV out next year. 
    Jun 10, 2014. 07:57 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Torchlight Energy: Risks Suggest It May Go To $0 [View article]
    I have no prior or existing relationship with Torchlight. I am a shareholder.
    Jun 10, 2014. 07:28 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment