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Peter Schmotzer
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Icahn's NFLX trade has been an impressive one. I remember when NFLX finally broke 100 when the stock was on its way back up and Icahn said he wasn't selling even though he had already doubled his return. Now we know why. Well done.
This is what gives WS a bad name from the perspective of the public, and no wonder.
Most have thrown in the towel on BBRY. The company has already lost so much mkt share, there's little remaining to lose. With its new BB10, which imo is underestimated, the company is positioned to make an impressive comeback.
BBRY higher.
"As such I think Apple will be forced to enter the lower priced smartphone market with at least two additional product offerings."
With today's news, that's proven to be a great prediction - nice job.
I wonder if Dropbox gets bought before it goes public.
Regardless of race or gender, the "American promise of success driven by will and resolve" tends to find those who are willing to leave excuses behind and work toward the venerable goal of achievement and success.
It shouldn't come as any surprise that it works this way.
U6 remained at 14.7% (the headline number is U3). See table A-15 at:
Note: U-6 Total unemployed, plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force"
Rates WILL go up "Someday" - the question is when.
"There's always a bigger fish."
Default is inevitable imo. Get it over-with and move on.
The setting of the sun will not be delayed.
This epic dud was sold with both fists imo
Take daily showers,
Get educated in skills with value,
Get a job.
Overvalued, over hyped Garbage imo. See ya in the twenties, then we'll see....
Long ago, I was taught that if you can't put at least 20% down on a home, you cannot afford it. The housing bubble wouldn't have been anywhere near as vicious if 20% down remained the norm. That never should have changed
Absolutely amazing; very impressive
Those who cannot find jobs which provide the needed funds for a down-payment on a home are forced to rent. Under a weak economy, renting becomes one of few options. Buying is not an option.
Among my observations as one who traded during the flash crash were that the HFTs and many MMs pulled their bids. Without such support, the 'crash' occurred.
Since then, stock breakers (for better or for worse) have been implemented which now halt such crashes for a few minutes.
Chronic unemployment and minimal economic growth demonstrate the effectiveness of the current Regime's policies.
China is not Greece. China has a future that includes growth and some derivative of capitalism.
Greece has demonstrated minimal interest in the historically proven success of the implementation and execution of such measures.
To a large degree, economic growth is a great answer to debt issues.
This is why Unions are getting ingrained into the public sector so hard - because inefficient Unions can milk the public gravy train in a way that would bankrupt a 'normal' company, but govt just raises taxes/fees on the rest of us. We can see how well this has worked out for Europe!
Can't wait to vote this Socialist out on 2012!
Nov 2010 for his many of his anti-capitalist comrades.....
Yeah, Right......
Obama's policies also show that he is "absolutely confident" that socialism is the way to go for the USA. Socialism failure rate is 100%. I suppose it's different this time! Can't wait to vote this guy out!
Plenty of bearishness out there to keep climbing the proverbial "wall of worry"
"On the following Monday, the Dow has averaged a decline of 0.31%, with positive returns 49% of the time."
So IOW, another worthless 'indicator'
Ford needs to file BK and tell the super-greedy UAW to go to hell. Build the cars in MX, Canada, India, wherever needed, to be competitive. The UAW owns Obama and they know it so they don't care about their employer. Sick!
There will be NO job growth if this administration continues its assault on small business owners while constantly raising taxes everywhere! Stop the insanity! Keep these people in charge and the Depression PART II is a LOCK!
(Hint: check unemployment trend)
what happened to "recession over"? lol
Wow, what a horrible idea.
RIP Swiss banking!
LOL, and on the cover of this week's "TIME" magazine:
"Out of work in America - why double digit employment may be here to stay."
Does sustained double digit employment sound like any sort of recovery to you?
Meanwhile, Obama and his Union cronies are trying to start a trade war. Depression II looking more and more like a lock every day. The only thing that's out of sync (at this point) is the stock market - and thank God for that!
Re: the headline - tell that to TBT holders!
The banks now know that they can get with away everything since the crash of the last year has demonstrated that the banks can keep the profits and govt (taxpayers) will eat the losses.
The precedent has been set.