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Petr Pinkhasov
Long/short equity
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Phillips curve. Higher inflation is inevitable with higher employment.
dgullick, thanks for the comments! I took some calls in the low 90's for a small position; I was actually going to sell before earnings but there was nice momentum/demand so I let it ride for earnings. Regardless if my research was the reason for NFLXs jump or not, it turned out pretty favorably. Still holding the calls.
all hail Infitialis_
Good call.
Netflix jumps to $136 after earnings, up 54% since this article was written.
Switzerland: Always the designated driver.
Actually thats why I included Alexa's statistics, which shows a break-down of subdomain visits for trials, signups etc. Here is a breakdown: 83.24% 27.97% 20.27% 6.32% 1.01%
Thanks for the comments everyone, while this article stated nothing about Netflix's fundamentals, business model or long term survivability, I simply presented a statistical correlation of website traffic and earnings, especially during the holiday season for a possible short term trade.
I thought this was going to be about a publicly traded retiring home...
As long as consumers are willing to pay for an AAPL premium, HP, Dell, etc will all be around.
I guess most of you havn't read the Citron QCOR research report.
Two words: risk premium.