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Phil Timyan

Phil Timyan is a private investor and hedge fund manager with over 25 years professional experience in community bank stock investment and shareholder activism.

Over the years, Timyan has filed 13-Ds in ALGC, HRTB, FSVB, GSLA, RFSV, COMB, and RYFL. In 2003, he helped recap COMB by buying a 9.9% stake and joining their Board until its sale in 2006 to SUPR. He is currently serving on the boards of RYFL and Royal Bank.

Since his graduation in the 1980s with a BA in General Business Administration and an MBA in Finance from Michigan State University, Timyan's career has included stints as a:

Registered Representative for Oppenheimer & Co in Chicago, IL

Securities Analyst for Feshbach ...More
  • Description: Hedge Fund Manager. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Bonds, Energy stocks, Options
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Timyan Community Bank Alert™
In the Timyan Community Bank Alert™, investment blogger Phil Timyan shares his insights concerning current bank stock opportunities, including detailed reviews of two categories of undervalued community banks:

1) Mismanaged underperformers. These banks are at best poorly managed, and at worst ...More
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