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  • Monro: Braking Good [View article]

    Thanks for reading and for commenting. PBY was impressive to me in that regard, for such a small company ($614M) it pulls in some serious revenues (the $2B you mentioned). That would be a massive boost to MNRO's approximate $800M in revs per year.

    Since management at MNRO is so adept at making acquisitions, this could be a possibility and one that I had not considered. The only thing preventing it, in my opinion, is the fact that management seems to mainly target competitors that operate in the same geographic areas that it currently has a presence in/near to and it seems PBY has a much larger geographic footprint as of right now. I am unsure if management would be willing to take on so much at once. However, should the need arise for a much larger expansion, PBY would certainly fit the bill. Thanks again,

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  • Tide Slowly Turning On Chipotle [View article]
    Exactly, the customer who eats at CMG is not the same who eats at authentic Mexican restaurants, nor is it the same who eats at Taco Bell, in my opinion. Different type of consumer completely; those looking for fast, clean service and a more healthy take on the particular style of food.
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  • Tide Slowly Turning On Chipotle [View article]
    You bring up some good points Moon Kil Woong, over-saturation is worrisome. However I bet many people said that about Starbucks back in the day.
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  • Tide Slowly Turning On Chipotle [View article]
    Chipotle is a well run company with a terrifically simple yet popular product. With international expansion and the Shophouse concept, possibly on the horizon, why anyone would want to short this when there are much weaker stocks (fundamentally, technically as well as story-wise) out there is beyond me. CMG has held very strong during market weakness and the chart tells me that higher pricing is likely, I believe the ~$445 high will be retested shortly. Long $CMG.

    Enjoyable article nonetheless Kapitall, you balanced it very well, presented accurate info and allowed the readers to decide. Well done,

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  • Cabela's: On The Hunt For Profits [View article]

    Thanks for the insightful comment, it's always helpful to receive first-hand feedback from consumers that have a deep knowledge of a company and its products. I agree with you, from what I've read it seems that Cabela's has the ability to drive repeat business from customers and that the firearms segment, in addition to being a significant source of revenue, also drives further business for the other segments like hunting gear/equipment.

    In the company's recent investor presentation, management broke down the biggest competitors in the market and they were Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, Scheel's, Full-Line Sporting Goods, Sportsman's Warehouse, Wholesale Sports. They estimate that out of the $50 billion market, CAB owns approximately 3.55% vs. Bass Pro with 3.8% and Full-Line with 7.38%. However, the large market is still very much untapped and this will likely remain the biggest driver of growth for CAB in the future; expansion via new store openings, particularly in Canada. Thanks again,

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  • Microsoft: Where's Your Game At? [View article]

    I read that about GameStop, very interesting. How about the turnaround in GME shares in recent months, incredible rally! I think PS4 will outsell Xbox One but as you say, next year is a different matter as it is more dependent on library of games and acceptance of user interface systems/online multiplayer gameplay connectivity.

    I was a bit disappointed by PS4's display of Battlefield 4 recently at Gamescom, graphics seem lacking but since it is still in development it is possible it may just be too early to draw anything of substance from the demo. Thanks again,

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  • Cabela's: On The Hunt For Profits [View article]

    Yes, you are correct. Interestingly, I try to mention debt levels in all of my articles and I forgot to include a section on it here! The company's $2.45 billion in debt is equal to 53.47% of CAB's current market capitalization, which is high and rather unhealthy. This is most certainly a risk going forward and something that needs to be monitored. Nice insight, thanks for pointing that out.

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  • Cabela's: On The Hunt For Profits [View article]
    Tom in Dallas,

    Thanks for reading and for the kind words, much appreciated. I think you are absolutely right, I expect the gun demand to diminish from the elevated levels we have seen recently, in my research on CAB I seem to remember a quote from Sturm Ruger's CEO saying something to the effect of even though demand looks just as strong going forward the 30% growth in gun sales is simply not sustainable forever. I think this is valuable to know and also why I thought it was important to show the background check data for such a long period because even if we were to see a immediate slowdown I believe the trend will remain positive overall and CAB will likely continue to benefit in the long run from this trend, even though it would probably create near-term risk and volatility.

    Unfortunately, I have never been to a Cabela's store, as there is not one close to me at all in NY. From what I have heard first hand from hunters though, the stores are successful in creating unique atmospheres, especially the next-gen stores and the higher profits should continue to benefit the company overall as long as management continues with their aggressive expansion plans. Thanks again,

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  • Even Elon Musk Thinks Tesla Stock Is Overpriced [View article]
    Absolutely nothing wrong with riding positive momentum, as long as you understand the risk and realize when to get out. The above reader is exactly right, price and volume tell the story and they both indicate that higher pricing is likely.
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  • Domino's: Delivering Pizza And Gains [View article]
    Marwood Media,

    Thanks for writing, I just took a look at DOM on the London exchange and you are right, it has really broken down, especially when compared to DPZ. Unfortunately I was not too familiar with why it has done so but initial readings looks like the company missed the recently reported EPS in a major way, a YOY earnings decline of almost 50%. It appears the decline was due to the German unit of the company. Here is a link,

    As I said, I am not as familiar with this company so I am unsure if the growth story is as strong as it is here in the US. Unfortunately, DPZ has not yet provided much room for entry but it is trending down with the overall market in recent weeks. I would much rather wait for DPZ to correct because I am more familiar and trusting in the story going forward. Thanks again, best of luck,

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  • Despite Some Turbulence, Alaska Air Group Is Still Headed North [View article]

    Thanks for writing and for the kind words. Yes, the broader market being extended currently and the recent airline sector weakness in general is a large concern for ALK. These are things that should be considered by investors, as with most stocks. However, I do think ALK can continue to trend upwards as it is not directly affected by the American/US Air merger being blocked and will continue to lead all other airline stocks with regards to dividend/fundamentals/... strength. Despite the recent troubles, ALK is still cheap on a P/E basis, cheaper than the major indexes in fact.

    I do not short stocks but I will monitor the stock's price action closely before taking another position. Thanks for your insight, its appreciated. All the best,

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  • Despite Some Turbulence, Alaska Air Group Is Still Headed North [View article]
    TriState Sam,

    Thanks for reading and for writing. I appreciate the first-hand experience you mentioned, that is always valuable to have, especially since I have not had the pleasure of flying Alaska Air yet, much appreciated. I think you are right on the money, there is something that stands out about the brand to me as well, and I haven't even flown with them yet. A cool vibe is what I'd call it is as well, which indicates powerful brand strength to me, the customer service is no doubt a large part of that. Also, based on the strong fan interaction the brand has on social media, it just seems like a company always trying to engage the consumer, which is nice.

    I think the drop in ALK today was a nice opportunity to start a position, however I am going to see if the widespread weakness in the sector persists. As I said in the article, there really is not a better domestic airline stock that I know of with regard to fundamentals. I will post here if/when I do initiate a new position. Thanks again, best of luck,

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  • Proto Labs: Breaking The Mold [View article]

    Thank you for reading and for taking the time to write, I am glad you enjoyed the article. It is always nice to hear from someone that is familiar with the company's services by having used them before, especially with a service like PRLB's that is not well understood, it provides a rare perspective that we as investors don't often get. The company's 'ProtoQuote' ability seems very intuitive, I've attached a link to the company's site where it provides an example of a quote,

    As an investor just doing research, it was very challenging to get a ground level view of the process so your description of it from an inventor/designer perspective is very important for me and all readers to see. It is reassuring that the process really does work as the company describes it. Truly appreciated,

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  • Proto Labs: Breaking The Mold [View article]

    Thanks for reading and for writing, this one was relatively new to me as well and it was fun to write. I've just always kept an eye on it as it has traded phenomenally over the last year. I was surprised to learn they were so different from the traditional 3D printer manufacturers despite always being mentioned in the same group. Most of the sites that I rely on for analysis only turned up private companies as direct competition. There are public companies that provide 3D CAD software/analysis (ADSK is one of them), but they are not direct competitors as far as I know since they focus on the initial design instead of the creation/molding process. This was a problem for me in the analysis and one of the reasons that I chose to include the 3D printing companies as comparisons. If you do find anything out on this subject, please let me know here or through a message. I am going to dig into this more as well and will keep you posted. PRLB is on my watch list now. Thanks again and hope to speak soon,

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  • Francesca's Holdings: High Quality Retailer, Currently At A Bargain Bin Price [View article]
    Exactly, that's how I feel. Investors sometimes forget that the management leading companies are just people themselves and require access to money at different points in time. We just have no way of knowing why a particular sell is occurring. There of course can be egregious offenses but that is another story entirely, as you point out. Thanks Stan,

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