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  • Philip Saglimbeni
    out of all the high-profile stocks that I own, the one that just sits in my IRA and I never look at is the best, TNH
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    • Rubenov: Yes... only one I would furiously buy if we get a 2008-style crash that brings down all stocks.
    • Philip Saglimbeni: I like how it goes relatively unnoticed, not talked about that much, I would love to buy some more as well
    • 1980XLS-2.0: Michael Bryant has been pumping TNH, for quite some time. Just sayin'!
    • Youngone91: Michael Bryant is up 60% this year
    • FortSumter: Maybe he can write a bigger check to his buddy Obama.
    • Pluot1: How can you not fear TNH triggering UBTI over $1000 in the IRA? There are no tax returns for an LP in an IRA, but not if UBTI exceeds $1000.
    • Philip Saglimbeni: TNH is not a big enough holding for me to worry about that yet
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