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  • Philip Trinder
    Some brief thoughts on the Slotoroff vs. Kinder Morgan lawsuit $KMI $KMP $KMR $EPB
    Feb 7, 6:19 PM
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    • Clayton Rulli: lol agree. He's basically sueing himself . Let him give HIS distributions back to KMP since he feels it has been too good of an investment
      Feb 8, 9:42 AM
    • Philip Trinder: It is a bit strange, I wonder if their lawyers understand all the nuances of the IDR structure...
      Feb 8, 12:32 PM
    • Clayton Rulli: action in KMI has been odd...I suppose it is due to low production of N gas this winter meaning less use of their pipe? Thoughts PT?
      Feb 8, 2:37 PM
    • Philip Trinder: By "action in KMI" do you mean movements in the KMI stock price?
      Feb 8, 4:02 PM
    • Philip Trinder: I disagree on "low production of N gas this winter," see U.S. trend here:
      Feb 8, 4:04 PM
    • Clayton Rulli: I guess CHK 's production was not industry standard... eh
      Feb 8, 4:42 PM
    • Clayton Rulli: thanx for that link. So what gives with KMI! dissappointing
      Feb 8, 4:44 PM