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Thank you, not everyday that that happens, but I'll take it : )
I wrote one of the first articles about ARWR on seeking alpha, post the May financing.
I think that you are missing the main value driver of ARWR's pipeline. They have game changing RNAi delivery platforms, and the most sophisticated bio tech investors are clamoring over it.
Has the stock gone up meteorically? Yes, and for valid reasons.
Will the stock retrace after investors bought in after news of BBros entry? Probably, but that doesn't mean that ARWR isn't potentially one of the most important pieces to the next wave of bio pharma success stories.
Well that means you most likely wont be buying the competitions tablets either so they are more expensive than the LeapPads.
If your nieces or nephews have a LeapPad already, it's pretty inexpensive to buy some content for it.
Great back of the napkin work there, very insightful, thanks.
Thank you for the clarification on the tax issues, although it's a little out of my area of expertise and need to absorb it a bit more, I think your analysis is extremely valuable.
It seemed to me that the confusion surrounding deferred tax assets, was the reason shorts were able to take advantage of the stock earlier in the year.
Curious what your feelings are about the prospects for the company, if you wouldn't mind sharing.
Thank you.
Interesting commentary on LF, thank you.
I took a brief look around for the price of Samsung's children's tablet, and couldn't find it. Do you know the price?
One of the strengths of the Leap Frog offerings is that they are more affordable than most android based tablets. I image in the Samsung will be more expensive.
What are the quality issues with the new LP Ultra? It seems to me that the soft hardware release in the summer allows them to dial in any bugs before the height of the selling season, which would help to put to rest some of the quality issues.
I also think the stock is ready for a rebound, some technical factors are definitely overly bearish and with all the short interest outstanding, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some covering in the next few days, as the stock is already off nearly 20% since its highs at the end of July.
I'll wait to see competitive forces actually begin impact LFs dominant market position before jumping to conclusions. So far management has been able rise above the competition and I am confident they will continue to do so as they innovate and role the product out into more international growth markets.
Thanks for your interest. There are no specific dates yet. But management has laid out their timeline through P2b, please reference my article under the heading Six Near-term value drivers for management's timeline.
I agree Craignak. My 3 year old daugher has the leap pad and its very sturdy. And the games are really amazing. I almost couldn't believe how cool they were. The Olivia game is a pretty incredible product, and that is what really sold me on just how cool this little tablet was.
Maybe Madav is just bitter about the stock running $2 in his face over the past couple of weeks.
I think their may have been some concern over the companies current tax structure after the last conference call, which was subsequently addressed at their analyst day in great detail by LF's CFO.
I think Leap Pad's financials are wholly legitimate and after reading the transcript of the CFO's explanation of their current tax scheme there shouldn't be any reason to think otherwise.
None of this changes the fundamental growth story here.
Where is Carl Icahn when you need him.