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They account for 19% of the ECBs capital but only receive (like everyone else) 1/23 of the vote. Doesn't seem very fair.
Not to argue but the housing bubble was expected as many people were calling the dramatic spike in home prices unsustainable well before the crash. If you want to tell me that the impact of the complex derivatives that the financial institutions were using was unexpected, then I would tend to agree with you.
"Modern economic theory has advanced so much from the great depression that if something is expected, it can hardly ever become a severe crisis."
I guess you weren't around in 2007-2009.
Ive been looking into selling some out of the money puts on MCD. That way I can get paid for waiting for a potential pullback. Also if it does fall and the options exercised I get a great company at a discounted price. If it continues to rise I pocket the premium.
I am a huge fan of YUM. The large bet that the company has made on China will pay dividends to investors for years to come.
Your right sorry about that. I'm in touch with the moderators with the correction.
One thing I've learned over the years is whenever some is saying "We don't need the money" while raising money.

They "need" the money.
-"Everything he has brought up has been a re-interpretation of the facts I've brought up."
-First of all, how would you know if everything has been brought up if you haven't even read the article?
I read this entire debate from begging to end and this was by far my favorite comment.
Just watched the documentary about the Singularity. You should check it out if you haven't seen it already: Transcendent Man (2009). Some of the concepts it delves into are just so unique and frightening that they are hard to wrap your mind around.
This was a fantastic article. Loved the analysis of the irrational upward trends of some of the dogs of 2011. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work.
I've also been trying to kick the habit. You have to give it to them, there is something extremely addictive about it.
Hahaha this is good. Consumer sentiment at its finest.
This news was announced after I submitted my article. RIMM has hired Goldman Sachs to begin gathering potential offers. Perhaps RIMM is starting to accept the idea of selling itself.;jsessionid=K+pd0c+FHr...
More good news for SIRI
Hey thanks for you contributions. I wasn't referring to Ford's exposure to Europe (as from what I understand it is actually behind GM in this capacity) but more to the macro threat that Europe poses to both our economy and our financial markets. Up to this point I haven't been very impressed by the EU leaders and their decision making. As you said the game of catch up they are playing in the mid sized entry level sedan area is an important factor. It will prove even more important if gas prices do start creeping up to $4.
This is a breakdown between Traditional and Roth IRAs that I wanted to include.
Wow your completely right must of copy an pasted it there by mistake. Can't believe the SA editors missed that too. I'll get it fixed
It is a list of dividend payers but there are few trusted tech sector stocks that pay dividends. Intel is one that comes to mind but it has been under substantial pressure lately. Many investors are hoping that Apple with its hoards of cash will begin to pay its shareholders back as early as next year. Even more to the point many analysts consider Apple to be in its own asset class . So I figured for the overall theme of diversified value stocks why not include the best run company in the world.
I agree it is far too weak.
Good Article. A thoroughly enjoyable read. I think there is a ton of pain in store for the markets due to this European situation.
Thanks for this article James. I, like you, believe that we are going to a tremendous amount of pain still coming out of the European situation. Also if the United States doesn't get its fiscal house in order it won't be far behind some of these sovereigns.
A breakdown of Apple's Cash
This is the same number that Fortune uses when describing Apple's cash on hand so it was what I decided to go with.
If you were shorting this week you weren't sleeping well.
It looks good in the papers: UNEMPLOYMENT RATE DROPS TO 8.6%. However, it neglects to mention that the drop in the rate is due largely to the decrease in the labor force not an increase in employment.
Thanks for the comments guys. It certainly is an extreme situation that is taking place in the global financial markets. Anyone interested in learning more about the origins of this sovereign debt crisis let me suggest that you take a look at Michael Lewis's new book "Boomerang:Travels in the new third world". It really piqued my interest in how different these countries are and how much trouble their really in.
I'm am so sick of this. From this point on I am voting out all incumbents republican or democrats. It honestly doesn't matter to me anymore. The political divide in this country is separating us when we need to be coming together. Its money in the political system that has corrupted the entire thing. Vote them all out until we see a change. The country can not continue like this.
I will check it out thanks for bringing it to my attention
How does anyone logically invest in this headline driven nightmare of a market? I think there is still a ton of pain that the global financial markets are going to have to endure due to this European debt crisis.
It was David Dodd not Todd. Thanks for this article its nice to hear an unbiased view of Sirius.
I like the idea of bond funds but you still need some exposure to the equities market. Over time stocks have proven to be the best performing asset class.
Seems like you have all your ducks in a row. Great for you two. Keep up the good work.