Prashanth Jnanendra

Value, research analyst
Prashanth Jnanendra
Value, research analyst
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Agreed the future is uncertain, but will you overpay?
I agree; INTC wouldn't be able to maintain its margin once ARMH raids 'the castle' (server market to begin with)
Thanks for your inputs!
What 'unprofitable' tech stocks are you referring to?
Yes ARMH would be keen on dislodging INTC in the PC market. What's your view on
1) Likelihood of that happening?
2) ARMH's valuation, subsequently?
Thank you Sangamesh!
Well, firstly, they are not correlated in the sense that profit is derived from sales after subtraction of expenses, which by nature vary.
Secondly, OCF is derived from net income/profit, after adjustments, which again vary.
If they were to be correlated, then profit & OCF could be expressed as a fixed percentage of sales, which seldom happens.
Does this explanation help?