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Thanks for the feedback DL!
Hi wdjax0n, thanks for your comment. You have succinctly pointed to many flaws, or rather flip-flops in Buffett's investments. One has to keep revisiting his/her view on companies and industries when there is a shift in landscapes, prospects, paradigms, etc. One stands to loose if stuck with one rule and not be willing to bend as it behooves.
Thanks for your feedback Alan. I understand technology is evolving at a tremendous pace and we need to keep up with it. It may be true that some companies may have gone out of business, but the many of the green tech industries like solar, wind, geothermal, fuel cells etc. have been in existence for a long time. The technologies get better with new start-ups and not all are successful. Green tech's progression is also greatly influenced by the political landscape and its hard to foresee when the tipping point might come by. As you pointed out, green tech hunters do have to keep up. But this book does open up the doors for those who are new and interested in exploring this area. Thanks again for your time.
Thanks for your comments!
After Lee Iacocca, its Alan Mulally!
Thank you. I am long GLW too.
There are great stocks. Sure John Rogers has a solid portfolio built for himself. FICO is a great company. Like Buffett's investment in Moody's. Rogers has it in FICO. Here are some background and financials on FICO