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ProActive Capital Group, LLC (“PCG”) is dedicated to the discovery and creation of shareholder value for public companies. PCG has specific experience with life science, high technology and international companies.

PCG provides its clients with capital market advisory, strategic communication and multimedia marketing services. We adapt these services to each client’s particular needs to successfully reach and influence key capital market participants in order to maximize shareholder value.

PCG’s capital market advisory services include overall investor strategy development to increase and leverage investor awareness, visibility & credibility.

PCG’s strategic communications services leverage ...More
  • Description: IR Professional.
  • Interests: Developed International Markets, Stocks - long, Tech stocks
ProActive Capital Group, LLC Capital Market Advisory

PCG’s Capital Market Advisory practice includes unbiased investor strategy development to develop, increase, leverage investor awareness, visibility & credibility. PCG provides management teams with the key advice they need to effectively navigate through the ...More
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