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  • Compugen Goes the Extra Mile in Drug Discovery [View article]

    Hi. You mentioned the great short opportunity at the time when the stock was trading at $4.07. Now it is trading at around $9.50, i.e.., more than double the price you intended to short. I wish you did not short this stock. Time tells the truth and the truth about Compugen is what we mentioned in the article we posted here on August 13, 2010.

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  • Sanuwave May Be Able To Satisfy Investor Appetite For A Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment [View article]
    Well-written article. The strange conclusion, however, does not diminish the value of the abundant information in the article. In the meantime, the final postulation must not be taken as a fait accompli. Those who are confused about it must discuss it with the author for clarification. Otherwise the article is definitely the outcome of a thorough effort, bringing useful information for those who seek to learn about marketed and investigational treatments for diabetic foot ulcers.
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  • Osiris - An Impressive Short Squeeze Leads To A Potential Shorting Opportunity [View article]
    Always the gold seals are absent from the technical analysis. Calculationscomes from the players rather than from the drug target's market, regardless whether the market has 100, 000.000, or 500 patients a year. No calculations about the price of the treatments the number of diseases that could be treated now that proof of concept, feasibility and successful outcome have all been proven.

    The analysis is elegant, but the important half is unfortunately missing, and the numbers are based on data extracted from ten or eleven years ago data that has no value right now.
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  • 3 Reasons To Stay Far Away From Synta Pharmaceuticals Stock [View article]
    Where is the beef in all this? Synta is a serious drug discovery and development company. What investors love to know about such a company is the rationale behind their pipeline products and some analysis of the very promising results of their breast cancer products. When the author does this small homework that any analyst involved in assessing the biotech firms' values routinely does we will engage in the discussion. Otherwise, what are we discussing here? Suppositions of conspiracies and unneeded information? We believe the author can give some insight about the firm's technology and products, regardless of whether he likes or hates what he sees. At that time, we will be willing to engage in a conversation that could benefit many investors.
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  • Ariad: Succumbing Temporarily To Extraordinary Pressure [View article]
    Sometimes grand parents are younger than their grand children. At least we know that you know well what you are talking about. We appreciate your knowledge. As for G.C., we love them, we gave them our genetics and let them swim in the ocean of life. Those are our major duties towards them. As for age, It has never been an issue and many of the best selling paintings are about wrinkled faces.
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  • Valuing Sales of Cadence‚Äôs New Pain Drug Following U.S. Approval [View article]
    After three years, we see our prophesies materializing in many aspects of those tackles by the article. Our only take is that during these three years, Cadence has not added any products to its empty pipeline except for Ofirmev, which is doing well, but, cannot continue to do well forever with one product. No one product lifted a drug developer forever. We are confident that Cadence will bring us more products in late Phase trial. Is this not what it was established to do. Then do it Cadence. Those who would try to sell because of increased expenses should not hold you back. They are sell-side anyway no matter what you so or don't.

    Indeed, Cadence has proven its marketing capability. It is a waste if it continues showing the same with only one drug.
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  • Regeneron's Horse Eylea Triples Its Speed [View article]
    Ted. Is it not exactly that what they keep doing, but never learn anything from history?
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  • 3 Small Biotech Firms In The Spotlight [View article]
    Positive results of Synta's drug Ganetespib as monotherapy on advanced triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients, are key for considering this firm's oncology drugs. TNBC breast cancer patients have no specific treatments and the prognosis of this category of breast cancer is bad. This observation should be considered as demeaning of the value of Ganetespib in combination and as monotherpy for HER2 breast cancer. The results in this category arealso promising.
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  • 3 Small Biotech Firms In The Spotlight [View article]
    The source is the company itself, in its press release about the drug "About Tasimelteon: Tasimelteon is a circadian regulator in development for the treatment of Non-24. Tasimelteon is a dual melatonin receptor agonist (DMRA) with selective agonist activity at the MT1 and MT2 receptors. Tasimelteon aims to reset the master body clock in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), resulting in the entrainment of the body's melatonin and cortisol rhythms to align to the 24-hour day-night cycle. The patent claiming tasimelteon as a new chemical entity extends through December 2022, assuming a 5-year extension to be granted under the Hatch-Waxman Act. Tasimelteon has been granted orphan drug designation for the treatment of Non-24 from both the U.S. and the European Union. Tasimelteon has not been approved by the FDA or any other regulatory authority."

    This is the description of the drug in the firm's press release.
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  • 3 Small Biotech Firms In The Spotlight [View article]
    Hi. Can you please be more explicit? Can you clarify exactly what you need to know?
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  • Vertex: Risk-Reward Less Favorable If HCV Pipeline Is In Question [View article]
    We might not have said it right but what we meant is that the good reasoning in Mad Titan article was followed by a scientifically sound explanation by Mr. Tucker. Both the article and explanation are worth reading. We really liked the reasoning and fairness in your article.
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  • Vertex: Risk-Reward Less Favorable If HCV Pipeline Is In Question [View article]
    Good reasoning followed by scientifically sound explanation by John Tucker. Still in the competition of HCV, the only confirmed reality so far is the approved combination with Vertex' Incivek. The all-oral is still in the investigational zone - trial and error and victories and disappointments, which, for the market is showing like a typical game of ups and downs, which is the pleasure of traders. We are confident that at the end, an all-oral combination from Vertex and Gilead will be marketed, as both firms are highly scientific, serious and careful. Vertex' cystic fibrosis franchise is something huge, historically unprecedented and cannot be underestimated with regard to the future value of VRTX. In the mean time Vertex' marketed drugs will not die because of the interferon injection as it would continue to benefit some category of patients that they might not get along with the other combinations for a reason or another and the reasons are plenty.

    Indeed the VX-135 100mg and 200mg are proven safe and effective and many believe that these doses would prove sufficient to wipe out the virus when results of combination with daclatasvir, the NS5A replication complex inhibitor being developed by BMS and/or simeprevir developed by Janssen and Medivir will be announced.

    We prefer not to rush into calculations at this stage.

    Again, it is a good article worth reading
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  • Agenus Continues to Outperform [View article]
    Believe it or not, I am very lucky betting on horses based on their external appearances. I go to the race track maybe twice a year only. I don't even know the names of the horses running. All I know is their numbers. I won each and every time. Some people believe, though that betting without having a clue about the horse, or the number they blindly pick at a casino roulette has only one name: Gambling. Indeed, I gamble once every 6 months and believe it or not I win. Is this something?
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  • Xoma's Past, Present and Future [View article]
    Now you confirmed us.
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  • Xoma's Past, Present and Future [View article]
    Id did now. Have you looked at its stock price lately?
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