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  • 2 Small, Great Biotechs Underestimated By The Market [View article]
    Indeed. That's a very important point to make and we believe we had mentioned in previous articles the fact that many firms, including Big Pharma, have tried hard but failed to bring safe and effective conjugated monoclonal antibody therapeutics to the market.
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  • Gilead In The Fight Against Cancer [View article]
    "I like to purchase a stock based on where the company is going in the future as opposed to what it has done in the past." Well said and we wish investors consider this fact when they read and hear assessments of development-stage biotech firms based on their quarterly financial results and of income-generating firms - great firms like Amgen and Giliad - based on the past, or on missing exaggerated analysts' expectations in only one quarter, especially when the missing occurs in their lowest season of the year. Again, well-writen article.
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  • Does This Hot Biotech Still Have Legs Or Is It Time To Take Profits? [View article]
    We have tendency to agree with Michael Webb's comment. This is especially true regarding the contrast between the author's description of the vaccine and his advise not to sell all your NVAX shares, yet still he almost advocate selling the stock now based on technicality that, indeed, does not apply in the case of Novavax' market cap. The stock is already under extreme pressure and many believe that the news announced yesterday and the conference call that followed made it look extremely undervalued, rather than overbought.
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  • Array BioPharma's CEO Discusses F2Q2013 (Qtr End 12/31/12) Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    A great firm. A very convincing, informative and well organized presentation that makes scientific sense. It is a best example to follow for drug development where no detailed are left behind, especially those that make important contribution to predictability, an indispensable component for the practice of personalized medicine. We thank seeking Alpha for the transccript, which gave us the opportunity to know what the firm has presented during our absence.
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  • Northwest Biotherapeutics: An Example Of Reform In The Drug Approval Process [View article]
    Tinsley09 the link of this specific study was not posted yet and we expect it to be posted in soon. Thank you for your nice words.

    Doc Logic - You are totally correct.
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  • Amgen's Prolia: Breakthrough Blockbuster [View article]
    Dear: we are still in the beginning of a road towards preventing and healing and even curing cancers and their complications, including spread, local and distal, which we call metastasis. The knowledge is accumulating and thanks to the efforts by translational science and medicine and pharmacology, the findings are being processed very quickly to reach the patients in record time, if the show efficacy and, of course, acceptable safety. Amgen's drug is approved for delaying cancer metastasis in the skeletal system and it could be that the drug would succeed with various cancers. We will soon know and we will soon see more approaches towards preventing or treating cancers and their resistance to treatments, which leads to their advancement and spread to other organs, including bones. We will be following up on this subject with permanent sites dedicated exclusively to this subject.
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  • Ariad: Shares Overvalued On Fundamentals [View article]
    We will. We will delineate all the scientific background, the clinical results, and we will also include statistics related to the leftovers, i.e.., the patients who do not benefit from the approved drugs and their accumulating numbers who are expected to be rescued by ponatinib according to the temporary guidelines.

    This is exactly what we do every drug we assess, and we have done it also for Ariad and our conclusion differ from the one you came with. We also compared the valuation with the market caps of similar cases based on just the second and third line treatment and still our evaluation results were totally different than your article's headline.
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  • Ariad: Shares Overvalued On Fundamentals [View article]
    The FDA granted Ariad's Iclusig early approval while all these other drugs were already marketed. Historically, this luxurious treatment happened only when an investigational drug achieved what no other available drug was capable of accomplishing. The tables you keep referring to, are not the only available tables. Many others exist that deal with this aspect and many other aspects, most do not agree with the point of view you seem to insist on making, especially regarding your final conclusion. In our opinion and the opinion of the many analysts who were following on the drug all along its development, Ariad has done an excellent job on ponatinib and gathered enough data that made it confident to apply for early approval. The firm has worked under the FDA observation and followed the agency's guidance and continued advice. Our argument about this subject will lead to nowhere. If you are not convinced of the great job the firm and the agency have accomplished, creating the greatest drug for CML, you better discuss the matter with the company, or the FDA, they are both ready to answer scoientific concerns, and mere questions. You might also do us a favor publishing what happened during these encounters, or debates. We will really appreciate it.
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  • Ariad: Shares Overvalued On Fundamentals [View article]
    We have been in biotechnology and immunology for years, long years, since Amgen was selling at less than $5. So, we knew what we said before we say it. We recognize your point too, without the need for describing it.

    In your response to us, you stated, "In my analysis, it is newly diagnosed patients who present with chronic stage disease, which means early in disease progression that will mostly receive Imatinib, once it goes generic and costs $500/year of treatment vs.. $9580/month of treatment for Ponatinib. Remember these are early stage patients who can be switched to other therapies if they do not respond to Imatinib. Therefore I have a 10% penetration in these early stage chronic CML patients."

    WOW. No oncologist in the world would prefer to prescribe a drug known to face increasing resistance to patients in early disease progression!? (whatever that might mean to you) over a drug that would save their lives because the former has become generic and is selling for pennies.

    Your detailed analysis is meant to make your article look balanced, which would make it believable, but the conclusion lost that balance in an attempt to cause a selloff in the stock, even suggesting a ridiculous price emanating from nonexistent background of any rational analysis.
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  • Ariad: Shares Overvalued On Fundamentals [View article]
    There is a lot more to the practice of oncology than what we are reading here. Clinicians face real desperate patients who are told to go home because the available breakthrough drugs will (not could) not help them. How high is the percentage of patients that imatinib is recognized not to help in the first place and how high is the percentage that the same drug and all the aforementioned drugs do not help when patients' cancers recur, or metastasize? Shouldn't these percentages be considered in the calculations? It is no secret that the FDA has considered them when it decided to grant Ariad's drug Iclusig (ponatinib) very early approval, adding this drug to the very few cancer drugs that have been granted early approvals in the past quarter of a century. Regarding the side effects and the boxes, using them to make a point against Ariad can mislead investors, but would not change the fact that most of the drugs you mentioned have the same side effects and that oncologist are werec capable of dealing with imatinib, or ponatinib.
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  • Isis: FDA Approval Of Kynamro Promises A Bright Future For Company [View article]
    I believe that we were clear explaining the value of approval of Kynamro. The approval was an important official confirmation that Isis antisense chemical modification has solved many concerns that had to be solved towards producing therapeutics out of these molecules. We mention that these concerns were real and difficult to get around, which explains why companies focusing on this domain took long to develop drugs. We were also strait forward indicating that the value will be huge with regard to these molecules in solving genetic-derived diseases as they work at the root cause of these diseases, targeting mRNA, which is much better than drugs that target the culprit proteins, in the pathways of pathologies.

    Many other advantages are also cited in the article.
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  • Isis: FDA Approval Of Kynamro Promises A Bright Future For Company [View article]
    We want to make a correction about regulus. The firm has already turned public and is trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol RGLS. We apologize for the unintentional mistake.
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  • XOMA: Will The Love-Hate Marriage With Investors Finally End Up In A Stable Relationship? [View article]
    Xoma was born at the hands of great scientists and an inexperienced management. The scientists dug a great science that still exist until now, and the inexperienced management was obliged to leave, yet, to be substituted by a greedy managers who took well care of themselves at the expense of the firm and its shareholders. And the years passed quickly with no accomplishments in spite of the great technologies in hand and the good scientists. Great drugs have been developed through the firm's technologies at the hands of its scientists and were approved and became blockbusters for others without the firm gaining anything and with all the money cashed from the partners gone with the wind..

    But all this is history now. If the lead drug gevokizumab is great, it is because it is made through the firm's technologies and and with the hands of its great scientists. The odds are in favor of its success because the new management is neither greedy nor illiterate.

    Xoma is on the right track. This is our opinion. This does not mean though, that investors who lost their money during the bad years have lost their skepticism. We are following on the drug's progress, which is also in the hands of a prestigious, fair and successful partner. We wish good luck for the shareholders, the scientists and the new management.
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  • Sequenom Presents at JPMorgan Global Healthcare Conference (Transcript) [View article]
    We are puzzled too by Illumina's move. We are more puzzled, however, with investor’s negative reaction against SQNM following Illumina's decision to acquire Verinata without verification of the details, history of competition or status of IP. We have experienced the same scenario happen several times before and the losers were usually those who bet on the larger firms without con-sideration of many other details or history. The facts here are the numbers cited by Sequenum about its the tremendous increase of its revenues and improvement in its financial situation in general, which were beyond anybody's expectations, including Sequenom itself. Fact also is that after months and months of competition, Sequenom was way ahead of Verinata with regard to the sales of the non-invasive Dawn syndrome test. On the other hand, Illumina, we are certain, is a great firm that we believe is the heart of the biotech innovation. It is great in its domain and that's why it might owe us an explanation about its recent acquisition. We would love to learn more about why the selected Verinata and what does it really know about its IP and history of competition in prenatal testing, especially, the Dawn syndrome test against Sequenom. We also love to hear, sooner, or later, about respecting the agreements with the customers, especially SQNM.
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  • Will Human Genome Sciences' Lupus Drug Rewards Outweigh the Risks? [View article]
    As we hoped in the article, the drug was, indeed, approved, and the firm was taken over.

    We thank all the contributors in the discussion.


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