• Quoth the Raven
    There is a suspicious amount of accounts created solely to further the $HLF long argument through comments on bear articles on SA.
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    • Bouchart: A bunch of PR folk from Herbalife. Anyone can see it's a fraud; when it will collapse is another matter.
    • Tom Shaughnessy: Agreed QTR - extreme sides. I saw that with my article on $CAMT today.
    • Grand Nagus Kelly: There's got to be a shadow corporation that does professional trolling. Comment sections everywhere are infested with these one hit trolls
    • Jbgoose: AOL has best technology for such, many do. It is used for advertising, marketing.I don't believe in any SA conspiracy,its all for self serve
    • Dampflok: Always the same, no bio, aggressive characters.
    • Dampflok: Their corporate communications officer should have a good talking to them for reputation risk to this fine company.
    • Jbgoose: AOL does have the most highly regarded technology in that particular advertising niche despite conspiracy theorists, just bing it .