Ramesh Rangaswamy

Long/short equity, hedge fund manager
Ramesh Rangaswamy
Long/short equity, hedge fund manager
Contributor since: 2007
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This is the strategy Governments and Banks use when Government approved 1.3 trillion budget just in December 2015.
No one will buy treasuries that yield NOTHING if stock market is earning them monies. Bring down and keep the stock market down long enough for people to throw IN towel on stocks and make them buy treasuries... Going forward this will be new mantra since Governments will keep increasing budgets...Of course Fed is deeply involved in this..
I believe they sure had hedged it
including GS..
I will give you another one. Since China made a deal with Russians for $400 billion earlier(may be in non-us $), this may be a lesson for China, not to trade in non-us $.
Just a conspiracy theory. Did anyone think Saudi's wanted to support Obama an brought down the prices to make mostly Republican owned oil companies have a jolt?
Now that Republicans own both Senate and Congress, having a bad economy in next 2 years, might make them swallow their pride of winning.
Just an alternative thought.
U.S. Imports from Saudi Arabia of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products
U.S. Field Production of Crude Oil
what don't I understand? We had more local production in 1980's than now
Market will crash only when all the Naysayers give up
Buy stock and buy corresponding put, so you are covered if it is a disappointment, otherwise you can enjoy the ride if it shoots high
I saw someone buy 54k calls on this, something brewing?
what do you see for SGMO,ACAD,NQ, INFI for the next 6 months using your tool?
These are hedge fund managers. They always hedge. If he shorted at 42-44, it went down to 24, he would have bought call options for the equivalent amount just in case..
It is still interesting to see the herd mentality that makes money for lot of people until it plays out and every one is in..I am just waiting for a week, so that the options I sold get exercised..
I have been thinking about this for the last 3 months. They have set a target rate for china to $1:$4. By depreciating the Euro to 1:1 against the dollar, they want the same benefits as American $. Now, UK is doing the same.
I believe that is the only way to pay back the debt with depreciated currency..Way to teach the greedy communists..
Either way, they have to be covered. They could be Naked and I think most hedging is done by buying put options on their existing stock, not through shorting.
"Can it be any better?" The answer is Yes, Yes and Yes. I was talking about DMND, and just wanted to throw my views on it.
But otherwise I believe there are safer opportunities in other stocks. I usually, like tiger strategy, I mean pounce on something that moves either way in a short time. Those usually are, FDA approvals, earnings or situations like DMND is in. Thanks for your views.
December quater of this year, you will see most profits ever because of the current year tax cuts in place until december.
They would pay lower taxes on profits this year and offshore businesses to be almost a non profit organizations from next year, due to monsterous taxes
GE is a stock that is in coma for the last 6 months. It's value is held by PPT until it earns that value they are holding to...
one slight twisted thought... You see JPM had bet on the wrong side and the market went down and they lost $2 Billion.
Now the markets rallied, they have sold off 70%. Do you see coincidence.
He will build on Infrastructure for Navy. Probably some sea bridge to strike any country any time. ORN should benefit if so... US have run out of enemies that they can war on.
They have to create fictitious aliens and spend on contracting to defense to fire into other planets...
I think the recent forced departures of Mid East leaders by enhancing Rebels in exchange for lower oil prices despite dollar weakness will eventually have cheaper oil.
NBG is a bank and they make money either way. Even though NBg is a greek bank, it has operations across eurpoe and UK. It sould do well in the long term..
It's a good trading stock in the short term. Buy at $2.65 and sell at $3.25
Probably they should create a federal reserve who can print a lot of money off balancesheet
Do you think, The USA government secretly forgave Bank's Losses and openly claimed that the banks repaid the TARP money..
What's your take on Fed's Off Balancesheet Funny Money...
Ya, Only the clients who benefited have respect for them. Not the clients who were sold toxic waste.
Greece definitely has lot of respect for Goldman Sachs, because they helped them join the EURO, by hiding their debt..
If Goldman Sachs wants to advise, trade, Short and be a bank... why don't you guy split yourself up and be specialized in each, rather than serving Nectar to some and Poison to others under the same brand name.
You will have a lot more respect just being an advisor or just a rader or just a Bank.
good point.. Well taken
some of them are pretty good...
where was I