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haha ohhh sikk, I can always count on you to be a D head. Why don't you go ask your ugly poodle for some more stock picks
How did you get this article published? I have tried a few times in the past and it gets rejected because of market cap requirements of 100mm or a share price of over 1 buck. I know they say you can bring in another company but it cant be just a mention in the article????????
absolutley hold, this will work out to our benifit....shares should be freed up by the 17th of this month and we think it should go 2+
sit tight, the selling pressure should be subsiding, im still holding and plan to hold until the new year where we should get a pretty good bounce accompanied by news
nice work jason, glad to see someone out there is stepping up.
The last few days have been pure panic and thoes who sold cheap to the market makers will feel stupid in a few weeks.
well in that case, as long as they do not halt one of the ION trials then absolutley we will be much higher than 70 cents before news.......thats the wild thing about these new drug candidates, they really would change the world and it would be pretty wild to see what kind of $$ they bring, even before the annoucnement
i am very bullish at this current pps, i have a large position at .69 cents
i think Exalgo royalties should boost on 3rd Q as well as on the 10th of this month people who took tax losses on the 10th of last month for synavive failure will want back in.
scott your a joke, how many ATM's have been done in the past 6 years by ZLCS.......1 .....without wasting my time looking into your other small bio pics I'm willing to bet a bundle they also have ATM's in place as well. I don't know who screwed you over at ZLCS or who pissed you off but their is no need for you to bash ZLCS as you do...... I'm guessing you got on the tail end of the 3.00+ run and your pissed you had a huge tax write-off, but their is no need for you to distort facts and normal operating procedures for a small bio co and turn them into negatives.
Money aside from ZLCS, you have to admire what they are trying to accomplish in the pain market, it would change lives of hundreds of millions of people around the globe, if Z160 was successful it would change the pain market forever
Scott on ZLCS almost every small bio tech has a mixed shelf in place, this is nothing more than having secured financing. It is not a negative that they re-issued the new shelf, its simply becuase the previous one was finished that was put in place years ago. I understand your caution but this is not a negative, just standard practice for bio's .
At this price level how can you not like Z, you honestly have to admit there is quite a bit of upside potential here verses the downside %
sikk get back to working for the man at your cubicle
how is anything i said garbage you JA, simply showed the facts as did everyone else who is covering Z with price targets that avg's 4.50
the only reason we are not at 3 bucks right now is becuase synavive failed
dont be angy that you lost your A$$
haha thanks for the heads up! synavive failure didnt help out my target price that much...
thanks peak, she will get a nice bump tomorrow morning on this.
why do you even bother trading in 100 share lots, assuming that you have to pay 10 bucks per trade to buy and sell you have to secure a 20% gain before you even break even,,,,i would save your $
thanks laser, nice article.....good timing too!
Haha whadd you crack me up....
Im going to start calling you "Debbie Downer"
Protecting gains is very important, trailing stop losses can be your best friend. Just because someone is long does not mean that you cant trade it in the meantime....on my call from 82 cents to 1.60 was a 100% gain.....i had a trailing stop loss on that at 1.50 eventually when the data does hit and if its positive 1.50 will be way in the past, but in the near term i will buy and sell it as the trends continue.
great find MSAPP,
thats so funny you bring this article up, i am hoping SA posts another article i have pending that describes this exact point
haha actually the CEO is Dr Corrigan, Justin Rentz is the CFO, if you have a personal email address i would be happy to forward the email to you if you do not belive me.....is it just hard for you to grasp that a 26 year old kid can actually have good information to give.
Or do i need a degree in BS from BS university for you to be ok with it?
you old guys are soooo hyped up on prereq's all i have done is DD.....you should try checking that out sometime its amazing what you can find .....hah
Keep grinding it out..... haha cheers
Thanks J!
As i will say again, would you rather buy zlcs with 88 million shares on the float with 0 dollars in cash not able to advance there own pipeline themselves, or have 113 million shares on the float wiht 52 million in cash and them able to hit HUGE data points with synavive and z160 and z944 in late stage 2 trials.
there efforts and advancements on their own will take care of the PPS, in the long run. They are just maximizing the biggiest bang for there buck before giving it to the big name pharmas.
If you heard the last conf. call at JMP you will hear in the Q&A at the end that they have already had MULTIPLE partnership meetings. ZLCS management are not stupid....they have the big pharmas right where they want them.
by all means....and i will write one that contraditcs your findings
haha scott they are not being over paid, in relative terms everything is in line wtih the norm. When you bring big boys in from big firms they cost $$$ Z has some of the best people in place to give ZLCS the best chance to bring there drugs to market. You pay for what you get, these guys are not on union pay here.
Considering you have no intrest in ZLCS im curious why your attacking it other than the fact to get page views....
But to your point about cash burn, ion channel trials cost tens of millions since ZLCS is on the front end of discovery on these. If your trading a stock and your reading financials would you like to see ZLCS with 80mm shares on the float with $0.00 cash clammering for $ or 113mm shares on the float with 50 million in cash and able to hit main data points to get maximum return on partnerships moving forward.
If Zalicus would have not raised capital they would be clammering to the Big Pharmas for money and to partner. They would happily ablidge and stick it to ZLCS for nothing.
I think Z and there cash position is excellent and a very smart play....they control the price on partnering not the pharmas becuase they have the cash to go it alone.....
haha sorry i was writing fast, but yes i will agree that i dont have the best grammer in the wold, i will make and effort in the future for you
thanks James!
im honestly not to woried about Icagen ....if you look at there current saftey trials in phase I you will note that during 600 mg dosage there were "serious adverse event in the 600mg dose" if you look back at the original Merck formulation tirals were tested up to 1600 mg and they were received very well. I think we are one step ahead of Icagen and Zalicus will hopefully be the front runner. As far as the Hydra partnership i think this was a great move by Dr Corrigan, hes using Zalicus's cash wisely by outsourcing most of the leg work in the ion side without carrying all of the overhead...IE vancouver
whaddyamean.....maybe you should have listened to my advise from this community college dropout.......up 70% since I wrote this...... haha keep on grinding my friend
your awfully negative sikk..... why can you not just read the article take his viewpoint and opinion without bashing all over laser. This is his opinion as well as my opinion when i wrote my article. if you don't like it or disagree then come with evidence to back it up...otherwise stop wasting your time blabbing about nothing with no facts to back it up.
nice article laser!
go Z
i agree with your opinion, and as you have said the stock price has suffered because of it ...but i will not contribute the ceo's and managements compensation as the total cause of the current pps. muliple factors are in play. but i do agree with u
haha scott sounds like you bought in the 1.50's
sorry about that
haha yea i love it when my timing is good....looks like the community college dropout was right......