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  • Shopping the Globe for Bond Yield [View article]
    Thanks for the comments.

    I gave links on every article, that included the finer details, such as the high yields, currency movements charts, news, and of course cusips, but Seeking Alpha edited then all out replacing them to their own links.

    All the detail you asked were built in my original article that I submitted, and was also posted here:
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  • Quench Your Value Thirst With Duoyuan Global Water [View article]
    My latest update on DGW is here
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  • Quench Your Value Thirst With Duoyuan Global Water [View article]
    Thank you for your comments and especially the focus on DGW issues, good or bad.

    The accounting and Part II is available now on our website.

    To address Ian and his very good comments. With the high cash balance and very low enterprise value, the company is so distressed in price that liquidation value after bankruptcy might even be higher. This is quit low for a well positioned company in a essential industry with the major issue (accounting) their ex CPA firm says DGW is clean. Thus it is priced for falure and that greatly reduces overall risk.
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  • Low Enterprise Value Stocks: February 2011 Returns [View article]
    Hi Tweedn

    We still like CYD a lot.

    Very nice returns Jobe, I will look at you stocks, thanks for the tip.

    You could see our stock and bond updates here;

    Randy Durig
    Mar 4, 2011. 01:05 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • This Week’s Best Bond: Total [View article]

    Thank you for catching this error. You are correct. The sentence should read "Currently, they have a market cap of over 100 billion US Dollars, making them one of the larger firms in the world."

    To get our next bond update go here

    Always putting your interests first,

    Sam Watry
    Durig Capital
    Jan 13, 2011. 12:16 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • U.S. Bond Issue of the Week: Blyth's 5.9% [View article]
    We do not understand why they have been downgraded so drastically by Moody's. We often think that Moody's is incorrect and this is why we do further analysis. We like seeing multiple levels of safety such as cash on hand, debt to equity, profitability and strong coverage ratios.

    It appears that the bond issue above contains a make whole call. The make whole call means that they may only call at par----in this case 1000 per bond.

    You may enjoy our next high yielding bond with our free newsletter service
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  • China Yuchai International: High Levels of Cash Are Camouflaging True Earning Power [View article]
    Thanks for the comments. It's great again to see all the professional comments dealing with CYD.

    To get our future updates on stocks, including CYD you might enjoy our newsletter
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  • A Tremendous Value – Universal Insurance Holdings Inc. [View article]
    Thanks you for your valid concerns,

    On the earning, when a major portion of your company is holding cash and investments with that large of a balance you should have additional gains.

    Again, on several metrics including both profits per share and cash flow, they are one of the lowest value we could identify.

    Even if you used the lower $0.23 and then annualized that it would be close to a $1.00 in earnings. That's around a 5 P/E. At the same time they provided very nice top line growth with more room to improve margins.

    The insiders selling is what in my opinion is what is keeping the stock price down right now.

    It's my opinion that if the insiders sold less and adopted a true transparent dividend guideline, the stock should increase. The insiders would grow their personal wealth even faster eliminating many of the shareholders largest concerns.

    But to answer your question 3 question, I don't try to speculate, but we hold the investments in client accounts whose investment objects are for both income and growth.

    You might enjoy our newsletter knowing of course we cover UVE.

    Always putting your interests first.

    Dec 23, 2010. 01:18 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Tremendous Value – Universal Insurance Holdings Inc. [View article]
    Hi Gisli

    Do I worry, Yes & No.

    In 2004 and 2005, they had 3 hurricanes and that is the risk in Florida. Now they have re-insurance to protect them from high levels of cumulative redundancies. I believe their underestimating their exposure.

    So to answer directly, no. At "this time of year" it's freezing outside! Plus, they have done well since 2004 & 2005.

    Since I own HCII and have done wonderful with this stock, I might reduce one company prior to the next hurricane season, (that's when I will worry) cutting my clients exposure, but at this time it is hard to find a company cheaper than UVE especially based on cash flow.

    When changes occur to either position, we will post it on our website.

    Always putting your interest first.

    Dec 22, 2010. 02:54 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Tremendous Value – Universal Insurance Holdings Inc. [View article]
    First thank you for the comments especially since they are dealing professionally on the subject.

    Gino, Yes of course they hold the cash again future claims but:

    1. The hurricane season ended, and the catastrophic risk are diminished until the next season.

    2. The SEC docs claim due to re-insurance the risk to a hurricane is well under $100 million.

    3. Policies are usually annual. Thus their is little risk to Universal for the next 5 months, but the liabilities are spread out annually.

    Thus, tis the season for profits!

    We often provide updates on our website;
    Dec 20, 2010. 03:17 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • General Electric: A Higher Rated, Higher Yielding Bond to Consider [View article]
    Thank you for your comments about this article. We have not identified any specific tax for this bond issue. The ISIN for this instrument is XS0447814178.The important factor to remember it that foreign bonds are a great way to diversify ones fixed income portfolio away from just bonds denominated in US Dollars.
    Dec 8, 2010. 12:27 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Openwave Systems a Good Choice for Growth [View article]
    Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them, especially knowing that all the input has been focused on OPWV and their related issues.

    Yes, OPWV has major execution issues and because of that OPWV has one of the the lowest valuations we could identify when we published. Simply put it is priced as a "DOG".

    I didn't believe the market priced in the couple of renewed possible opportunities such as an improved core business and a much brighter strategic position.

    Let's hope they can execute this time, your comments are right and this will help determine the real outcome.

    It should be fun to watch. We often update the companies we follow on with website and our e-mail service.

    Always putting your interest first.
    Nov 24, 2010. 12:18 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Tollgrade Technologies Is Undervalued by 60% [View article]
    Thanks for the comments.

    A question you had " What happen to growth?" Increasing the backlog by 25% in a single quarter is a good sign of future growth, that combined with some missed business in the quarter, while at the same time delivering a very strong bottom line, it shaping up well for a value turnaround.

    Another question" Tollgrade's core market is dying and that the company has shown no ability to diversify?"

    It's a turn around. First they lowered the costs, then created strong cash flow all while streamlining services to the clients plus eliminated bureaucracies and waste. They did this while launching new products. TLGD is a very small player in a very large market. If they demonstrated a new diversified product, based on the very low value, I believe it would increase their value even more since our first review.

    Always putting your interest first.

    Nov 19, 2010. 01:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why O2 Micro Is Undervalued [View article]
    Hello Warren thanks for the complement.

    Yes I seen several patent claims such as the 14,000 you mention.

    With that the company uses the smaller more conservative number in their own SEC filings, which I used in this article.

    Randy Durig
    Nov 2, 2010. 11:54 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Has the Market Mispriced Homeowners Choice? [View article]

    Hi CS984

    Thanks for the question, I believe your reading an old 10Q after June 1. 2010.

    As filed in HCII 10Q, page 11:

    Note 5 – Property Acquisition

    On June 1, 2010, the Company purchased property in Tampa, Florida for a total purchase price of $7.1 million. The property consists of 3.5 acres of land, a building with gross area of 122,000 square feet, and a three-story parking garage.

    It's a nice looking building.

    Sep 16, 2010. 02:25 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment