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PRO Articles
PRO articles cover stocks that fly under most investors' radar screens.
  • Alaska Air Group: Look, I'm Flying!
       • Wed, Aug. 20 ALK 13 Comments


    • Industry consolidation has provided a foundation for future airline profits unseen in recent memory.
    • My view of the airline business has changed.
    • Alaska Air Group is my choice for the best pick of the lot.
    • I was surprised at the remarkable strength of the franchise.
  • Friedman Industries: Patience Is A Virtue For This Micro-Cap
       • Fri, Jun. 20 FRD 9 Comments


    • Tiny microcap Friedman Industries just completed a rough 2013 fiscal year.
    • The shares remain remarkably cheap; as if the company were going out of business. It isn't.
    • Investment in a new pipe finishing facility and a strengthening North American economy could spell a turnaround.
    • Investors may experience considerable, positive asymmetric risk/reward here, but must exercise patience.
  • Friedman Industries: A Sound Micro-Cap Tossed Into The Bargain Bin
       • Tue, Feb. 18 FRD 13 Comments
  • Friedman Industries: A Microcap Steel Company Selling At Net Book
       • Jun. 17, 2013 FRD 8 Comments
  • Consolidated Edison Finally "Coming In"
       • Jun. 10, 2013 ED 12 Comments