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  • It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned For U.S. And U.K. Depositors [View article]
    "The Banks are my friend, the Banks are my friend, the Banks are my friend"

    %^*(&&) (The sound of red slippers clicking)
    Mar 28 12:17 PM | 33 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Coming MLP Meltdown [View article]
    HI MLP Trader,

    This article is based upon assumptions, prejudicial assumptions, and assumptions based upon assumptions. No real facts or supportive information, just conjecture and innuendo.

    MLP taxes and their long term impact work very differently than you imply. MLP taxation results in more net revenues for the gov't from high income earners than their corporate counterparts. This is resultant from a splitting of total return into ordinary income and cap gains, unlike a corporate stock holding that can be afforded full capital gains.

    A change in taxation of MLPs would only result in the government doing what so many MLPs are already moving towards--- offering better tax vehicles by originating non-MLP counterparts (see KMI,KMP,LNNCO and many others).

    IF THERE IS A DANGER, it is not in eliminating MLP taxation (which as I contend is not favorable to high income earners, anyway) it is, rather whether or not IRC Sections 1245,1250, etc causing recapture will be forced upon the unit-holders in a conversion. It is unlikely that this will happen, given precedents in other situations, but, well , you never know.

    Oh yes, one last comment about your recommendation.... accepting market loss to avoid tax loss is about the stupidest thing around. Taxes are the price you pay for having made good investment decisions. Tax savings is a mitigating factor not a motivating factor of having made poor investment decisions.
    Mar 14 11:04 AM | 32 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Did Herbalife Executives Conspire To Commit Mail Fraud? [View article]
    I'm no fan of HLF and find much of what they do distressing.

    That said, this article really goes way too far.

    You talk about the HLF execs and their families losing sleep. Maybe you should consider the possibility that your article is libelous and perhaps you could end up losing sleep.

    You do make good some points, but, please, tone it down.
    Apr 14 09:34 AM | 27 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sell Your Linn Energy And Pick Up Pioneer Southwest At A Cheaper Valuation, Bigger Yield [View article]
    I don't want to take issue with your analysis of which is the better investment. Your analysis is either right or wrong and only time will bear it out.

    If you were simply recommending PSE over LINN, then fine. However, I do take issue with your premise of "Sell your LINN and Buy PSE". Such a recommendation would require an analysis, or at least mention of, the tax implications associated with selling LINN shares.

    For instance, I have owned LINN since 2009 at a cost of around $15, and my basis is near zero. If I were to sell, I would have recapture tax at ordinary rates on the entire $15 original cost and cap gains on $23. This would result in a 25% reduction in net proceeds.

    So, even if all your valuation assumptions are correct, the tax impact more than offsets them.

    I would suggest that when you recommend an investor sell a holding, you treat the consequences associated with that sale appropriately..
    Mar 12 08:00 AM | 27 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • End Of An Era For Gold Investors [View article]
    Please tell me where there were Gov't bonds in 1613. How about comparing gold to tulips which are indigenous to Holland. Your 1613 date puts you right in the middle of the Great Dutch Tulip Frenzy and you would have been broken.

    What if you chose Prussian Bonds? Ottoman Bonds? There was no USA, in case you didn't know. What if you rolled over maturing bonds into Confederate States of America Bonds in the 1860's?

    Your are simply stating the obvious----if you invest in any investment that outperforms another investment, over a 400 year period you will be rich. The flaw is that you would be very, very, very dead, also.

    Surely you can do better.
    Aug 5 05:22 PM | 24 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple About To Blow The Roof Off Of $600 [View article]
    I'm having trouble reconciling your article with your actions.

    You are a self-described "perma-bull", who in 14 years of investing never took a meaningful position in AAPL.

    You excuse this with "......I never had the free capital to take a substantial position in the company, nor did it ever seem like the timing was right...."

    But now, after AAPL has run up from $400 to $600, the "timing is right". Your "commitment" was to buy call options a few days ago and looking to exercise them in June. Are you expecting a "settlement" or a windfall from your HLF short to give you the money? Or will you just redeploy capital, as you most certainly could have had you been anything other than a tepid investor?

    I'm bullish on AAPL, and have been for some time. Your pattern of investing is not consistent with a perma-bull. It is consistent with someone trying to pump up a stock in the short term to cash out on call options.

    When you draw into question your own investing, you draw into question the rest of your article.
    Apr 30 08:22 AM | 22 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • I Justify My Tesla Purchase With This Analogy [View article]
    Nice analogy to Apple, however you could have just as easily compared to Blackberry.

    When it comes to revolutionizing the auto industry, Tucker comes to mind.

    I'm rooting for Musk and Tesla, just not getting carried away with it...not just yet, anyway.
    Nov 7 09:33 PM | 22 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dismantling Herbalife's Bizarre New PR Effort [View article]
    You say...

    ...."The only thing the company hasn't done to defend itself is disclose the amount of product it's selling outside of its distributor network. That's likely for two reasons: 1) the data doesn't exist and 2) if it did exist, it would likely indict Herbalife as a pyramid scheme instead of exonerate them...."

    There is at least a third, fourth and fifth reason not to disclose the information.

    3) It is under investigation and will disclose the information, if and as required

    4) HLF has not been accused of wrongdoing. One does not need to present evidence of innocence, EVER and especially absent any charges

    5) The burden of proof lies on YOU, not them, to prove anything

    6) HLF really couldn't care less what you think or ask them to do.
    May 19 08:33 AM | 21 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is The Clayton Act The Quickest Way To Puncture Herbalife's Pyramid Scheme? [View article]
    ".........Turns out that if you charge one group of salespeople one wholesale price and another group of salespeople a higher wholesale price you are gift-wrapping a monopolistic advantage to those who pay a lower price for inventory ....."

    This is so incredibly preposterous I can't believe I'm reading it. Give me a minute to make sure I've got it right. O.K. thank you for that minute.

    Practically every company on earth gives "size discounts" to customers.

    If I go to the supermarket a 12pack of beer cost less than 12 individual cans.

    Most Big-Box stores are able to sell product at a lower price because they buy in bulk.

    The price differentials for HLF are based upon quantity purchased.

    Topping it off, Fair Trade Laws were repealed in the 1970's.

    What are you going to write next .... Big Foot was seen trying to sell a "biz opp" to the Loch Ness Monster?
    Jul 9 07:49 PM | 20 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • John Taylor - who runs the biggest independent forex-based hedge-fund firm on earth - says Greece will default, the euro will go to hell, and the dollar rally is just getting started. And, in five years, we could see $500 oil.  [View news story]
    Scenario 1: In order for oil to hit $500 demand must rapidly increase faster than supply.To reach this scenario, world consumption must greatly increase , which could only happen with a massive global recovery which is contradictory to his other statements.

    As price goes up, demand goes down. If price went to $500 it would cripple demand to such an extent it would push the world into another deep recession making this scenario unlikely.

    Scenario 2: Massive money printing, resulting in hyper-inflation. Certainly possible. But,still, $500 oil would spell deep recession. Massive price inflation combined with world-wide deflation. Hard to see how this works as each side tends to moderate the other side.

    Scenario 3: John Taylor is long oil futures and wants the sheeple to go long so he can unwind his positions. MY CHOICE as most likely scenario
    Sep 25 07:48 AM | 20 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Herbalife rebounds after Mr. Ackman fails to deliver a knockout punch [View news story]
    There is much for everyone to learn from this.

    Yesterday the shorts were jumping for joy, chiding the longs.

    Perhaps, the story needs to play out before jumping to conclusion.

    Also, what joy can there be in taking pleasure from another ones loss? Does someone that disagrees with one become an enemy?

    Yesterdays glory all too often turns into todays defeat.
    Jul 22 01:36 PM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    Hi gggl,

    The "mandatory" part of ACA is what the Republicans so detested, I don't see how your suggestion betters anything. What would be the consequences if someone didn't "mandatorily" enroll in your simplistic plan? A penalty? A Tax? Jail?

    Furthermore, an HSA is only advantageous to those employed, and particularly those in higher tax brackets. It is similar to a self-insured, stop loss plan.

    How is a minimum wage employee going to access health care? Or... is health insurance something that should be accessible only to the well employed? or well off?

    Certainly ACA has problems and needs to be tweaked. But the basic framework is sound.

    Interestingly, with all the hitches and negative attacks, enrollment reached its goal. Imagine how many more would have enrolled had the House spent its time trying to improve it rather than symbolically trying to discredit it?

    Sooner or later those opposed to ACA will have to surrender to the fact that ACA is here to stay and instead focus their attention on its deficiencies. But that requires an interest in building a better country for all, instead of building a power-House for themselves.
    Apr 3 07:52 AM | 18 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fears of terrorism in Boeing 777 disappearance [View news story]
    Hi Jonathan,

    Just curious.... a story about what could prove to be a crash, etc. wherein hundreds of people may have lost their lives and you're first to chime in by raising the fear index and how one might profit off of it.

    Excuse me if I consider the cost in human life.

    There's always time to make money...that is until there's no more time.
    Mar 9 10:45 AM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    No program can ever be instituted that will help the deserving without also attracting some crooks.

    Likewise, dissolving a program to avoid some crooks means hurting deserving people.

    Fine to talk against them, unless of course it hits home.
    Dec 30 08:01 AM | 16 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Mythology Of Tesla's Valuation [View article]
    Nice article, whether it is totally accurate...who knows.

    TESLA's valuation is largely based upon hope and dreams. This is not unusual in the stock market, it is classic for a hi-beta stock. Nothing unusual here. Sometimes (such as with AAPL and Google) the dreams come true. Others (such as Facebook and Twitter) remain to be seen. Others (too many to mention) just can't cut it.

    It would be most helpful if all the pro/con Tesla-ites could simply acknowledge that the stock represents a big bet on a big outcome. For those that want to place that type of bet, it's their money. For those that prefer lower risk/reward, then find another play.

    These two-sided attempts to prove something are getting tired. Tesla, as all other hi-betas, will play out over the near to mid term and 1/2 the people will say "I told you so" .

    For me, at least, I don't know which 1/2 will own that quote.
    Oct 16 06:48 AM | 16 Likes Like |Link to Comment