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    I am buying $NLY: http://seekingalpha.com/a/p123
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    • Ocean Man: For the past year, I've been telling you that $EFC and $NCT are better than NLY. Last 12 months: NLY minus 10%, EFC plus 30%, NCT plus 90%.
    • Ocean Man: I know you stepped out of NLY for a few months, which was a good move, but those two are still both better than NLY. Look into them.
    • Ocean Man: EFC is very similar to NLY, just announced a jump in book value of more than 5% since last month, and last dividend change was +75%.
    • Ocean Man: NLY has decreased the dividend 7 times in the past 9 quarters. Just my continuing opinion. Good luck either way.
    • Regarded Solutions: the bleeding should stop and the price is right for a total return, thanks though and I am aware of the others too! ;)
    • harryjack: Been in eight months and love the company
    • Ocean Man: Hope you got your EFC. It's going to be a lot more expensive tomorrow.