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Long a buy and hold investor, I now believe that buy and hold has to be re-evaluated in a world of ever increasing, instant information and huge gyrations in markets all over the world. A value investor at heart, I anchor my portfolio with conservative funds and blue chip dividend stocks, but... More
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  • Talison Lithium Doubles since going public in September!
    Back in September, just prior to Talison Lithium listing on the TSE (after the takeover of Salares Lithium) I made it my conviction stock pick, predicting that TLH shares would double by Christmas and double again by spring.

    Half of that prediction has come to fruition as Talison shares traded at $6.60 last Friday (Today trading at $6.79)  Since Talison went public at $3.30 per share, that is a double, and it occured several weeks before Christmas.

    Most of that value occured BEFORE Talison was included on the new Global X Lithium Index (NYSE-LIT). The inclusion took place at $6 per share about 10 days ago. As I pointed out in my previous article on Talison the ETFs cannot ignore a market leader, and with over 25% of the Worlds Lithium production, and 75% of the Chinese import market (supplied by Talisons Greenbushes operation in Western Australia) coupled with its recently announced expansion of 100% production in 2011, Talison is certainly a market leader in the lithium space, and that is without including the extensive brine properties Talison inherited when it swallowed Salares Lithium (The Salares 7 project, 100% owned)

    Its gratifying to be right when predicting share prices, especially increases of that magnitude. It will indeed be gratifying to have the second half of that prediction come to fruition as I am sticking with it, and I am sticking with Talison as one of my conviction stock picks.

    Another double by spring, say end of April, 2011.

    Herès to your Retirefund!

    (disclosure: long TLH)

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    Dec 13 11:31 AM | Link | 5 Comments
  • A Marriage in the Mobile Web space could produce the power couple of power couples!
      Marriages, by their very nature, can be rocky relationships. Arguments, diversions and power trips, money problems and hurt feelings can result in an ugly divorce.

    Marriages can also bring together soul mates who bring out the best in each other, and all those around them, while producing strong offspring and enhancing their neighborhood and their community.

    Image representing Research In Motion as depic...Research in Motion (RIM-TSE) has been somewhat of a scorned bride this year.  The investing public used to be entirely enamoured of her technology charms and her extensive cash dowry, but of late, there have been money problems (share price drop).

    There have been arguments over security issues (Governments, especially in the Middle East unable to seduce her technology or gain entry)

    Opening day CTIA Wireless & Entertainment in S...There have been Diversions and Power trips by her CEO, Jim Balsillie, trying to buy an NHL team which have resulted in hurt feelings by her shareholders.

    Many businessmen and women around the world still love this lady. They Love her sleek, fast  and very secure technology. They love the fact she has been much more dependable than many ladies of the night who have come and gone. When she gives her word, it is as good as gold.

    There have also been, seemingly more beautiful brides, dancing in her space (Apple, Nokia, Google) and gaining the eye of investors who are always looking for the next top model. Those beauties are destined to be single (and successful)  for some time, but I wonder if Miss RIM may be in the market for a soul mate who could boost her persona and give her the heft she needs to propel her once again to the pinnicle of the technological high society she once reigned over.

    When real beauties are walking the boardwalk, you can rest assured that there are a number of big Galutes waiting in the wings, to ask them for a date, ask for their hand in marriage, or just watch and wait for their chance to speak to her.
    Image representing Steve Ballmer as depicted i...Im not saying that Steve Balmer is a big galute (even if you do have that image in your head) however, he would be an absolute fool not to, at least consider, asking this girl out, if not to propose outright.

    He has tremendous financial and technological resources, and he wants desperately to dance in the mobile web space. If he asks this beauty onto the dance floor, sparks could really fly, and the rest of the top models could be left in the wings, or at least be pushed aside, while the power couple of power couples take up most of the room.

    We will be keeping such possible marriages in mind for our Retirefund of 2011, especially if the bride stumbles to a share price of say, the low $50 range.  Maybe she wont stumble at all.  Maybe she will waltz right up to the big galute, step on his toes, and whisper sweet, wonderous possibilities, into his ear.

    If he is smarter than he looks, he will get down on one knee, get out a huge diamond ring, and beg this true blue lady to enrich his life.

    MS RIM.  hmmmmm.....


    disclosure: no positions

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.
    Dec 09 9:59 AM | Link | Comment!
  • A Santa Claus Rally, or a Christmas Crash? Tread softly, and carry a big bag of cash!
    It's almost year end, and the big dogs of the managed mutual fund industry have quite a quandary on their hands. They stayed out of the fall rally, hoarding cash, and subsequently made no money, while the market surged ahead. Their problem:  Well, they now either have to make up all of that in the next two weeks, or be prepared to explain to their many clients why their investments did not keep up with the market, and in fact, performed well below it.

    Remember, these are the guys who charge you exorbitant fees to take care of your money, and often charge you a percentage of your money to get into their funds, and then to get out of their funds.  Now they are caught between a rock (Gold) and hard place (the market).

    Weve done well this year (about 208%) so we are selling into this so called rally, and taking profit off the table while the taking is good.  I hope you see it as I do, a fund managers hell bent race to the finish, and the devil take the hind most.

      Getting into cash and planning to have a very Merry Christmas this year.


    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.
    Dec 08 3:03 PM | Link | Comment!
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