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  • Rich Steffens
    $GNBT, I wrote about this recently-#ASCO:
    Feb 12, 9:40 AM
      • Rich Steffens
        I grabbed a little $GALE at $4.08. I barely swing trade,, but what the heck.
        Feb 3, 1:06 PM
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        • cmblanch: I got some at 4.15 and happy to have it.
          Feb 3, 1:18 PM
          • Rich Steffens
            Emerging Biotech Takes Aim At Preventing Recurrent Breast Cancer $GNBT
            Jan 21, 10:12 AM
              • Rich Steffens
                If I had free $, I'd start my position in $GALE, especially after learning from COL GEP of AF's inaccuracies.
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                • Ron Reed: week later when it falls back down. Great idea company just no sense in how to turn it into money for the investor.
                • Rich Steffens: 11/27 AF made false claims. GALE closed @ 1.58. A trade long was born. 11/29 @ 2.04. 12/04 @ 2.24. Take profit, when so high, add later.
                  • Rich Steffens
                    $ANIP, AH's -12.5%, $16.9 M RDO caused the decline. Phase 3 results, NDA; are 2011 binary events that may make a buy after a RDO a winner.