• Rich Steffens
    If I had free $, I'd start my position in $GALE, especially after learning from COL GEP of AF's inaccuracies.
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    • smokeyRose: Why??? What Do you Know??
    • Rich Steffens: I know Adam F's remarks about a clinical study involving $GALE vaccine are wrong, as the main researcher explained to me.
    • smokeyRose: Hmmmmmmm.....I Don't Know Bio Has Been scary me latley
    • dirtybirdstock: You know your stuff and articulate your arguments very well...It is your DD that has kept me in this volatile stock...best of luck.
    • merc123: Same position as you Rich! Wish I could have broke in at $1.50 but I wanted to jump on it at $1.79!
    • Ron Reed: and now you just lost a significant amount of value. I expect GALE to roam sub 2.00 for another 12-18 months.
    • Rich Steffens: That depends on how you manage your holdings, Ron. The stock moved up .75 from that Nov low heading into Dec's SABCS. The trade was there.
    • Ron Reed: From the day you posted this comment to now the stock has ranged in the $1.50 to $1.55 range. It has fallen from a $2.20-ish high in the
    • Ron Reed: past month, and announced that they are going to dilute investor $ by yet another share offering. This makes this highly risky stock a buy?
    • Ron Reed: I think the only thing going for GALE is following the cycle, when some good news hits the market short the hell out of it and buy it back a
    • Ron Reed: week later when it falls back down. Great idea company just no sense in how to turn it into money for the investor.
    • Rich Steffens: 11/27 AF made false claims. GALE closed @ 1.58. A trade long was born. 11/29 @ 2.04. 12/04 @ 2.24. Take profit, when so high, add later.