Rich Willis

Rich Willis
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Here is an article from Jason Zweig of the WSJ that talks about advisers overestimating risk tolerance:
"Risky Business: The Quiz That Could Steer You Wrong" May 3, 2013
From some of people cited in this article, there is an undercurrent of thinking about risk as something with a single head instead of a hydra.
To Disallusioned,
Your comment about equal weighting vs. market cap weighting highlights an important point. An equally-weighted ETF will provide a performance level closer to the arithmetic average compared to a market-cap weighted (or any other type of weighting) average.
I postulate that market cap weighting would dilute this effect, but not eliminate it. Testing this hypothesis thoroughly would be quite a challenge, though.
To Brad,
Your analogy with the campers and bears is dead on. Most investors either never measure their performance, or compare it to a passive alternative. If they did, they might learn that they are not quite as good as they think they are. It only took me about 30 years to thoroughly learn this lesson.