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Richard Dwyer
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@ret - I think the MPEL 2013 $5 call is among the best on the board. When the market notices the value, I expect it to ramp.
@ranni - The key word in the sentence is "might." Investors need to tread carefully.
@casino - The free cash flow is impressive. But the debt load isn't. I think there are better plays in the space (e.g., LVS, MPEL).
Don't forget that the economy may tank while stock prices rise nominally (not in real terms) due to inflation. Inflation creates an upward price bias as our stock market is denominated in dollars.
There is an excellent Warren Buffet piece in the New York Times in which he concedes that inflation is on the horizon. It is a must read. Stocks may rise nominally but still lose value in real terms. Expect a wealth transfer from creditors to fixed rate debtors.
Excellent summary. I believe Taleb is right. The market remains overbought, and the underlying risk is unchanged. Our public debt has ballooned and the forecasts are meaningless. We don't even understand the risk involved in our government policy (bailouts, Cash for Clunkers, etc.).
I see a pullback on the horizon.
Excellent piece. Right on point. Gary Schilling agrees with you.
Many - Goldman Sachs - do not.
The market will be in for some turbulence when it decides which camp is correct. Should China be overpriced, the global recession could deepen.
Good information! Don't forget about Ultrashort ETFs which have been thriving by shorting bearish sectors. Readers might want to consider SRS (which shorts real estate) and the SKF (which shorts financials).
Excellent analysis. Macau will be bullish for a very long time. And MPEL should be too.
The techinicals do look uninspiring. But the fundamentals suggest bullishness. Expect upside following the earnings report next week.
Excellent piece. EBAY's Skype overpayment becomes more evident with each VOIP entry (AOL's expanded AIM service, Yahoo's new expanded messenger, etc.) The competitors now have the capability without the heavy price tag. Still, EBAY is undervalued as EBAY store listings are soaring.