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  • Post CAFC Value Of Virnetx
    Sep. 22, 2014 VHC 28 Comments


    • The CAFC has affirmed that Virnetx's patents are valid.
    • The CAFC gave guidance to resolve the royalty rate issue.
    • Apple will likely settle before additional trials.
  • VirnetX: Some Positive Takeaways From Appeals Court Ruling
    Sep. 19, 2014 VHC 38 Comments


    • VirnetX patents affirmed as not invalid by CAFC (United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit).
    • CAFC affirms that Apple's VPN feature infringes two of VirnetX's patents.
    • 90%+ win for VirnetX.
    • Apple will settle before additional trials.
  • Apple's Dilemma With Virnetx Patents
    Aug. 9, 2013 AAPL 33 Comments
  • Upcoming Virnetx Royalty Rate Judgment Likely To Affect Apple's Stock Price
    Jun. 6, 2013 AAPL 23 Comments
  • VirnetX: The Big Winner In The Cisco Suit
    Mar. 18, 2013 VHC 37 Comments