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Robert Ake
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if this article is the reason i was able to short in the $3.70s and take profits in the $3.50's, than I owe Natty Greene a huge thank you!!
over 87% of GLUU's downloads are from their free games. A lot of these games do not have sustainability because they're deleted or ignored soon after being played.
GLUU doesn't make money and wont for the next 2 years. Valuation should be below 3's
GLUU has no facebook games, which makes it less attractive to Zynga.
I hope you sold into this pump because it's garbage.
how's that COOL short look now?
seekingalphaisflawed nailed it, and btw, love that name. Go check Glen Bradford on here.
To address this Rouge guy's short pick on COOL, he obviously did not do his homework. Ever hear of Zumba Fitness?? I'll save you the time and give you this chart on Zumba Fitness
Please do a better job researching your calls before you make them next time. Would hate to see people actually listen to this call.
Have you ever heard of Conduit? Not the video game, but How do expect VTRO to compete with that??
I recommend going long %COOL into their next quarter earnings release. I'm expecting $3.00 a share. But that's months away. For now, but in the $2.20's, take profits and the $2.50's. And buy back in the $2.20's. The daily range is big enough to do this every other day. Check my blogs, I've covered this company for awhile.
invest in companies you can track and you'll be ok. You can't track these Chinese companies and are left to believe what they give you.