• Robert Freedland
    (not sure about that last spelling :)) The steep climb for AAPL is unsustainable and AMZN appears to be re-awakening for now.
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    • Outsider22: You must ignore PE with that sort of logic. "unsustainable" just like "unsustainable" at $500, $550, etc.....When will they learn.
    • YoMeMeNe: based on what you think it is "unsustainable "? hunch???
    • OneLongTrade: Based on history Mersho. And based on the theory of a crowded trade. When profits start being booked, a correction tends to follow.
    • Robert Freedland: Great points. It seems to be madness to ever sell Apple. But that can't be right? I repurchased my shares of Apple when it wa $618.
    • OneLongTrade: Seems like madness for now. There was a report of several bond funds holding AAPL shares just to keep up with benchmarks. Not only is this a
    • OneLongTrade: violation of their prospectus, it shows you just how many money managers out there are long.
    • Robert Freedland: $AAPL fooled everyone. Thought the $T results were the most important but CHINA is playing a bigger and bigger role in everyone's plans.