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At these prices GDXJ is simply a cheap long term option that is worth the risk
You do understand that even afterwards, Plymouth will remain the largest holding. I think the price is fair.
Plymouth is a serious issue as management has no intention of ever going public, to provide liquidity. Everyone is aging and I suspect we simply must wait for a corporate event.
There is substantial insider ownership and attention is focused on Plymouth. I believe management owns or controls 35% of the outstanding shares.
The whole bond market has been collapsing
I am also still a fan and still buying on dips.
I want to be you
I agree with you in light of the massive unrealized capital gains. Management is not foolish and should anything occur, I suspect they would seek to many any transaction tax advantaged.
I truly thank you for your kindness.
Those are real issues not to be disregarded.
Thank you for your kindness. You are also the only one to actually use a name.
I have written about many closed end funds and am suprised by the total lack of interest in GAM. I have gotten 885 hits and no comments. I even mentioned it at GAM's annual meeting but they were simply amused. This is a billion dollar fund which seems to be trading under the radar. This may account for its discount.
It is important to bear in mind that they have been taking care of other peoples' money for a very long time. Their primary goal is preservation with possible appreciation. I think they are doing their job properly. This fund will never be a super star but it will always continue to do what it does.
Yes it would
That is correct. It is designed to keep your money safe.
I agree fully. They will keep your money safe while giving you exposure to a sector which is difficult to understand or purchase.
I happen to agree fully. BTF should not be your only investment and it is not for everyone. It is a very worthwhile investment for many people as part of a basket of other securities.
They do write positively about it in their annual report
They write positively about it but I did not include it in my calculations as it is valued below cost
You can buy it over the counter under the symbol ECVTF. I bought it through my account at Fidelity.
From the data available I can not make a reliable evaluation. In writing the article, I only considered treasury notes and those investments which management has valued at a premium over cost.
This is not an investment. This is a speculative bet. The tax losses are worth more than the assets. maybe now they will have some success. It is a bet, a gamble.
I think it involves reorienting their portfolio and putting in more bonds
I stated that. It is a strong negative but this is a speculative play not an investment
I did read the article and it seems more like a vendetta.
I hear you load and clear. You are completely correct. Maybe try a little of all.
I agree fully but remember management owns a chunk of the shares and are also fully aware of the tax issues.
I fully agree that Hottinger is not dynamic or aggressive. They are there to keep your money safe and help it grow at a moderate rate. That is exactly what wealth managers do.
Thank you for your kind comments
SPY is a much broader portfolio which contains 500 corporations. ADX is much smaller.
In response to all - PEO is a solid stable investment. There is nothing wrong with it.
ADX invests primarily in large cap stocks which have not done well as of late. It is simply a sector of your portfolio. The discount is a plus not a minus. Everyone should have some exposure to large cap stocks unless you believe the world as we know it will collapse.