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  • Socialized Medicine Is Coming [View article]
    As a Canadian, I'm completely against this. Where am I to go when I get sick? It's not like I'd wait for 8 to 12 months for a life threatening surgery up here... I'd head down there and just pay for it (despite the fact that I already paid for it with my higher taxes). If you get socialized medicine, where would I go? Selfish me...

    LOL, socialized medicine works well for some services... SOME. But some services end up being rationed to the point where you are on a wait list. Plenty of people die waiting. I'd prefer not to be one of them.

    To each his own.

    But what I do find funny is people think socialized medicine is free. Where do you think the money comes from? The people. I pay for it. Trust me, I pay for it. Too bad I don't always get to use it. I don't like paying for things I don't use but I have no rights to opt-out... I consider half of my high taxes to be a big health insurance premium. And boy, it is big. Yes, even bigger than health insurance in the US... So I really don't get why everyone envy's us for socialized medicine.
    Jun 16, 2009. 08:45 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Canada's Loonie Assassin Strikes Again! [View article]
    I too am angry. I'm a fiscal conservative and Harper is clearly not (at least not anymore). Harper has his hands tied with the lefties forcing him to spend money just to stay in power. It is ridiculous. Harper basically became a lefty with the way he spends money. He should have said he WOULD NOT throw money around. If he got kicked out, so be it... at least he wouldn't make such a mess. Now he, and the "conservative" party will be to blame. Dumb move. But no, he decided to cave to the pressure and go ahead and spend spend spend. Almost all my conservative friends are also fiscally conservative and now he has made us all angry. The worst part - there is no one else to vote for that would be responsible with our money.

    Nothing about his fiscal policies are conservative. The liberals (I hate them too) were more conservative with money under Paul Martin than the conservatives, though I have no illusions and realize they would be spending just as much or more right now if they were in power. Now every party seems to be on the spending bandwagon... I hate it.

    My definition and style of conservatism is 100% fiscal... DON"T SPEND more than you earn. It's a simple formula that has worked well for my province. Unfortunately, my province is abandoning that too...

    Sadly, if the left got in power, they would have to spend more money than the conservatives to prove they are more left...

    I'll vote for the party that promises NO CARBON taxes and to REDUCE the budget so we are back to surplus territory. Sadly, I don't think any of the parties now satisfy that simple metric.
    Jun 16, 2009. 08:28 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Un-American Government Intervention [View article]
    Sadly, this is what the people voted for. They voted for a "personality", a "celebrity", and based off of race and making history (alberit, in a positive direction). So, that's what they got. I'm entertained, but it's sort of a sick dark drama unfolding in front of my eyes - a nightmare really. It really shouldn't matter how nice a smile a man has or the color of his skin - it should be all based off of substance, merit - and in that respect, neither Obama nor McCain should have been the two men we had a choice of.... There are better qualified men in this country, and we all know it. But we love to sensationalize and turn the entire thing into a big "pop" style "American Idol" type popularity contest.

    America is lost. It is no longer a democracy. Choosing Party A or Party B every four years isn't democracy. Sorry, it just isn't. You get an incredible choice of ... two men. And when an elected official does something that EVERYONE is outraged with, what do we do? We write letters and make phone calls. Wow. "I'm so angry, I'm going to... write a letter!" What a threat.

    And then if we remember, years later we vote them out, and the next guy with almost the exact same views gets in... and things continue down the wrong path, down the dangerous path.

    And what is with the MSM! What a total failure it has been to us. It's nothing more than a propaganda machine controlled by an oligarchy. And with only their point of view hitting the main stream, they are able to control the mob and put candidates of their choosing onto the fast track. When we vote, we get a choice to vote for a variety of men that are all picked by the powers that be and fast tracked by the MSM. That's not choice.

    There's something to be said for education. Too bad education reform can't happen. They'll just throw more at the school system without actually fixing the design of the school system. Then they'll make sure every student is reading the government mantra and politically correct propaganda that the school system is stuffed with.

    Bush and Obama have both been disasters. Most likely anyone that becomes party leader for either the Democrats or the Republicans will continue to be a disaster for the country. We need a viable third party that cares more about this country than power, corruption, greed and petty politics. If Americans would stop voting for the Democrats and Republicans in mass, perhaps a viable third or fourth (or more) parties would be born and men that are independent given a chance to do the country right. Sadly, I doubt the average MSM watching American is smart enough to know any better. We've turned the once independent hardworking America into a nation of babies that cry for government to help them or bail them out and take care of everything. And that's what we're getting. We voted for it. Not that we had much choice.
    Jun 15, 2009. 10:11 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What if Bernanke Succeeds? [View article]
    HAHA, that is funny JasonC.

    I know several people that have fought the Fed. They're wealthier than ever. They stored all their savings in gold and silver since the 1920's. What do you think that family is worth now?

    If you stuck with the Fed, you went to work, earned $1/day and put $0.10 away in a savings account. You save and save and save. But in the future, the money you saved is worth almost nothing...
    Example, my great grandfather had worked his whole life (as everyone does) and gave my grandmother an inheritance of about $10,000. My grandmother kept it in bonds. When she died... it was worth barely more than $10,000.... Do you know how long it took her father to earn and save that money? A life time... and his lifetime of savings can't even buy a car today. If he had put all his earnings into gold and silver as he went, my grandmother would have been wealthy, simply because the Fed is doing a one way trick with the purchasing power of the dollar. Purchasing power goes down. Period.

    So the family that I spoke of, that has been putting savings into gold and silver for generations, is a very very wealthy one. Why? They know where to store wealth (besides their real estate holdings, of course). Their great grandfather who earned $1 a day or a $1 a week or whatever the wages were back then, was able to keep his buying power with the money he earned to use at a later date. Their great grandfathers buying power remains today.

    The way our fiat currency is made, it helps keep us commoner's down. Why should my great great grandfathers daily pay be worth less than what it would take for me to buy a pepsi? Why should I work and work and work and save and save if my savings won't buy anything in the future? So our culture has developed a BUY IT NOW attitude. It costs less now then it will in the future, so borrow to buy it if you have to... but then we get stuck paying interest on everything and when interest spikes or a job is lost, you get wiped out and have to start from scratch...

    People can bet against the Fed and win. I know some that have been doing it since the Fed came into existence........

    On Jun 09 07:21 PM JasonC wrote:

    > Fools are still fighting the Fed.
    > The article is right and the ideologues are wrong, as usual.
    > Don't. Fight. The Fed.
    > Use to be every trader knew this. Now they don't, and think it is
    > some grand libertarian heroism on their part. It isn't, it is just
    > blind stubbornness.
    > The hyperinflation thesis died in the summer and fall of 2008. It
    > isn't coming back. Give it up already.
    Jun 9, 2009. 11:42 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Coming Economic Collapse, Part 2 [View article]
    Outsourcing is occurring because governments have interfered in the very thing you call a free market..... Minimum wage, worker rights (like holidays, hours to work, overtime pay, holiday pay, pensions, unions, etc, etc, etc) are all major reasons why companies outsource. Taxes are another reason to outsource. Why do the majority of your business in a high tax country when you can do it in a low tax one? Notice the thing about many of these... They're the free markets response to government interferences. Right now the US government is forcing businesses to outsource. FORCING.

    Yes, outsourcing would occur anyways, to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities around the globe - produce with cheap labour, sell in expensive markets... But government interference has only exacerbated the problems..

    Outsourcing in moderation would be fine. It would be alright if foreign countries were outsourcing some of their jobs to the US as well. Outsourcing could work both ways. But right now we just outsource EVERYTHING. Outsourcing the entire economy is unsustainable and a major problem. We can't just consume and produce nothing forever... it doesn't work that way.

    On Jun 09 09:04 PM TERN wrote:

    > The populist argument against outsourcing, made by some commentators,
    > is wrong.
    > Outsourcing is the free (labor) market in action. It has enabled
    > wealth creation in countries that otherwise would be dependent on
    > aid to avoid famine.
    > It has allowed companies to dramatically increase profitability,
    > both on the employing and the employees side.
    > The American jobs that were the first candidates for outsourcing
    > were the blatantly uneconomic ones.
    > The internet has now added an entire new dimension to outsourcing
    > of jobs and will make it impossible to reverse or even slow down,
    > without draconian limitations on economic freedoms.
    > Compared to the rest of the world, Americans have been overpaid.
    > In the longer run, wage rates will tend to a global equilibrium.
    > Wage protectionism is self-defeating.
    Jun 9, 2009. 11:26 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why the Time Could Be Right for Gold Mining Stocks [View article]
    People were pessimistic at the gold conference? They're pessimistic about the future of gold? Or??? Please explain!

    Lately I've heard rumours that the Chinese are about ready to stop using so many US dollars.
    - There is a meeting between Russia, China, India and Brazil about NOT using US dollars coming up soon.
    -I heard a rumour that the Suadi Arabian King wants to be paid with gold for his oil...
    - The US is continuing to print and spend beyond imagination.

    What is there to be pessimistic about in terms of the future of gold? It is so bright it is blinding...

    On Jun 09 12:21 PM Louis Paquette wrote:

    > Frank, we missed you at the Conference in Vancouver on Sunday and
    > Monday. Everyone was so pessimistic. We could have used more of your
    > positive outlook.
    Jun 9, 2009. 06:02 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    I'm certain SeekingAlpha + my website would be on that list. I've said enough bad things about their government to warrant it... lol.

    On Jun 09 01:15 PM jimmy46 wrote:

    > will require all computers sold in the country to contain software
    > that blocks access to certain websites."""""
    Jun 9, 2009. 05:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Coming Economic Collapse, Part 2 [View article]
    Truth is, Bush screwed us, and Obama is currently screwing us. Either way, both parties have screwed us. Why isn't there a viable third party? Are the US citizens zombies who just vote for the man they like or the party they've always voted for, "just because"?
    Jun 9, 2009. 05:34 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What if Bernanke Succeeds? [View article]
    "What will the investment landscape look like if the Fed, Treasury and Administration succeed at turning the economy around?"

    It won't happen. The dollar is dying.
    Jun 9, 2009. 05:28 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is the Correction in Gold and Silver Over or Just Beginning? [View article]
    I only pay attention to the short-term to find great opportunities to make purchases on long-term assets. Long-term gold/silver have GREAT prospects, certainly better than the dollar.

    Buy land, gold and silver. Hold. At least they'll retain their value better than holding dollars in a bank account. The dollar is in the hospital and has been given a grim prognosis: Cancerous Tumours that are growing at an alarming rate. The dollar is dying. Some people refuse to acknowledge the obvious. It's easier for outsider's to see the dollar is dying.
    Jun 9, 2009. 05:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Bernanke Conundrum [View article]
    So the conundrum is how is the best way to get Americans to borrowing and spend more money they don't have when they know their jobs are at risk and they only have ten years until retirement (for the largest most productive segment, the boomers).

    Hmm. Maybe he shouldn't get them to borrow more... maybe, just maybe, they should save. The only problem I see is it is hard to find something worth putting your money into... to save it properly and be hedged against inflation and market fluctuations at the same time. The system is just soo corrupt. And politics always gets involved and screws things up so investing long-term is made difficult - if they don't confiscate your gold, they'll control the gold trading market and hold it artificially low. If they don't do either of those, they'll increase taxes dramatically so any gains you get are spoken for anyways. If they don't do that, they'll devalue the currency so fast your savings weren't worth saving to begin with.
    Jun 9, 2009. 01:10 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fed Starts Talking Tough Again [View article]
    It wouldn't surprise me if the Chinese did tell little Timmy to stabilize the dollar and stop printing so many of them out of thin air. It's not like the Chinese government is going to be as gullible as the average American citizen who watches the MSM for their information and believe the Fed and government will be (and are being) fiscally responsible with our money and currency... I love it when BO speaks about bringing fiscal responsibility to Washington... I find it comical. I actually, and literally this is true, laugh hysterically when he made that speech a few months ago about bringing fiscal responsibility to Washington (right after he pushed a 1100 page spending package through without letting anyone have time to read it thoroughly!).

    It would suck short-term for our economy to raise interest rates - but I do think it's the best in the long-term. We need to stop borrowing and living beyond our means anyhow...

    The Chinese have a fine line to walk - they want to retain some semblance of value in the USD so their reserves aren't worth nothing, but they also don't mind the US economy faltering in the long-term to allow them more room to increase their sphere of influence and power in the world. But they want us to be a little stronger economically for NOW - so we can keep building their infrastructure and factories at amazing rates. The Chinese government wants the US to keep on buying Chinese goods and going into debt to do it - so we get even farther in over our heads... My bet is that China was hoping the US would "remain strong" (as in, keep on borrowing from China to buy Chinese goods at alarming rates - not that borrowing money is actually is strong, it;s an illusion...) for another 15-20 years and then begin to falter as they assumed we will with our demographics and the sickening debt levels we would have by then if we remained on our course. They would be happy with us faltering then. But not now.

    This economic climate is messing up their plans with this massive acceleration of the US economy faltering a little too soon - but just a little. And our leaders are doing dumb stuff. Two leaders in a row (Bush and Obama) have acted like economic idiots and appear to be sabotaging the economy with their "plans". Either way, we're screwing ourselves for any chance at long-term success and domination and The Chinese know it. And our government wants to continue the screw-ups, and the Chinese will be glad to help - but they must walk that fine line. It is scary when our government is screwing things a little too fast for even our enemies... lol. Bush 8 years + Obama 8 years = screwed
    Jun 9, 2009. 12:56 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Team Obama's Charm Offensive [View article]
    I truly believe that he is clueless about economics. Consider his beliefs about socialism... and the people he chose to be his advisers and to head the Treasury... all people that have failed miserably at something and are then expected to fix the mess they helped create. "Brilliant choice" and "dream team" is how the media describe this group of failures...

    I believe he just wanted power and to make history. He was power hungry and he is now worshipped. This is the same guy that sued Citibank to FORCE them to loan MORE sub-prime to a certain ethnic community... Then when sub-prime blows up, blames the banks for making sub-prime loans. Yes, he actually SUED Citibank... MSM didn't cover that in detail...

    He is a politician. Not an economist or a economic/long-term strategist. A politician. He makes promises and stands on a podium and makes big speeches. That is his job - to make people like him and vote for him. Nothing more, nothing less. Same as any President. It's just a big popularity contest and has nothing to do with the long-term success of the country. But he does have his own goals and ambitions for a more socialist America... that is obvious. Only thing is, he thinks it's a good thing and doesn't see the contradictions in the values and economic outcomes of each.

    Show me a socialist country where the wealth is more evenly spread amongst everyone than capitalist America... The rich are super rich and the rest are super poor in socialist countries. At least in US we have a middle class and the wealth is spread around MUCH better... No, it's definitely not perfect, but show me a system that is better at it where things are fair based off of "you reap what you sow".

    On Jun 07 05:52 PM Northstar10000 wrote:

    > Questions--
    > Is the Obomanator a brilliant marxist who knows exactly what he
    > is doing.
    > Is the Obomanator so anti american that he knows how to simply destroy
    > the country by any means necessary.
    > Is he a complete economic fool and really believes this insanity
    > will work.
    Jun 7, 2009. 06:17 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Team Obama's Charm Offensive [View article]
    While I know most of us are investors, many of us are not economists. I'd still like to think we are more informed than the average person. Either way, it doesn't take a rocket scientist or an economist to see where we are headed is NOT good. We all know it. KNOW, not think. Do we KNOW exactly how the events will occur? No. But we know it won't be good and our "leaders" try to continue things down this same road. Idiocy. But hey, at least we picked our leaders from our amazing choice of ... two men. (Is that Democracy? Choose A or B?)

    There is no way foreign governments don't see where this is leading. Truth be told, it is cheaper for them to continue this charade while also diversifying their assets. They can destroy much of the American super power status (which is due to our economy, not our military - how do you think we afforded our military?) by helping us weaken and destroy us economically. Wars cost a LOT of money. Helping us do what we are already doing only costs US a lot of money. While they will lose much of the value of the US assets they hold, it is nothing compared to what a war would cost them. And yes, wars can and will still happen, but boys and girls, they are waging a 21st century war by defeating our economy with economics. And we want to continue it! The worst part is our enemies must only wait another 10-15 years until we have a massive % of population that is retired and no longer contributing to our economy... What will it look like then?

    Bush for 8 + Obama for 8 = screwed from both parties, both ways + boomer's retiring in mass = end of American super power status + lower standards of living while a race to the bottom occurs with wages.
    Jun 7, 2009. 02:29 PM | 16 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Hummers in China? [View article]
    I'm uninformed. Can you tell me, was the Hummer brand profitable within GM?
    Jun 5, 2009. 01:42 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment