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  • Another Day, Another Major Shale Discovery
    Mon, Mar. 3 AP, AR, CHK 150 Comments
  • Natural Gas Heads For Largest Weekly Drop Since 1996... No Surprise There
    Sun, Mar. 2 GNRC, SVXY, DIA 6 Comments
  • Renewable Energy Group Beat Expectations... As Expected
    Fri, Feb. 28 REGI 21 Comments
  • Natural Gas ETF's Returns Are Disappointing Investors Who Called The Peak Right
    Thu, Feb. 27 UNG 18 Comments
  • Reading The Tea Leaves; Yuan Down, Hang Seng Down, Gold Down Overnight
    Tue, Feb. 25 GLD, FXI, IAU 64 Comments
  • President Obama's Cutting Military Budget - Why Fiscal Policy Matters
    Tue, Feb. 25 COL, GD, ITA 25 Comments
  • Mainstream Media Picking Up On Gold's Main Support Eroding
    Tue, Feb. 25 AGOL, DGL, DGLD 54 Comments
  • Renewable Energy Group Reports Earnings This Week - What To Watch For
    Mon, Feb. 24 REGI 13 Comments
  • Natural Gas In Extreme Backwardization; Expect Prices To Fall And National Focus To Turn Towards More Production
    Mon, Feb. 24 UNG 36 Comments
  • Bottom In Gold Likely To Be Below $770
    Editors' Pick • Sun, Feb. 23 GLD, GLL 742 Comments
  • Farmland Bubble: Fuel Prices May Trigger Collapse
    Fri, Feb. 21 DBA, GPRE, RJA 31 Comments
  • Bitcoin Is A Financial Iceberg - Investors Must Watch Balance Sheets To Evaluate Bitcoin Risk
    Fri, Feb. 21 OSTK, COIN 16 Comments
  • Why China Buying Gold May Be Bad For Gold's Price
    Wed, Feb. 19 GLD, IAU, PHYS 36 Comments
  • Ethanol RIN Economics Don't Make Sense
    Tue, Feb. 18 FUE, OIL, CRUD Comment!
  • Keystone Represents A Possible Game Changing Event For Economy And Markets
    Tue, Feb. 18 XOM, TRP 27 Comments
  • Consequences Of A Farmland Bubble, And Who Gets Hurt When It Bursts?
    Tue, Feb. 18 ADM, AGU, CAT 88 Comments
  • Size Does Matter; Does Amazon Measure Up To Alibaba?
    Tue, Feb. 18 YHOO, AMZN 50 Comments
  • 1929 Analogies Only Go So Far
    Tue, Feb. 18 SPY, DIA, QQQ 5 Comments
  • Senate Biodiesel Tax Credit Could Dramatically Change Outlook For The Industry
    Mon, Feb. 17 ADM, BXIOF, FUE 12 Comments
  • Future Of Biofuels Is Looking Brighter
    Fri, Feb. 14 ADM, VLO, GPRE 19 Comments
  • 'End The Fed' And QE On Trial: 10 Questions For Critics Of The Fed
    Fri, Feb. 14 89 Comments
  • Gold Chart Is Confusing At Best; Mixed Signals Blur Direction
    Fri, Feb. 14 GLD, IAU, PHYS 22 Comments
  • Gold, Natural Gas, Corn And Some Musing
    Thu, Feb. 13 GLD, UNG, IAU 28 Comments
  • Credit Suisse Expert: Gold Headed For $1,000 In 2014
    Thu, Feb. 13 GLD, IAU, PHYS 74 Comments
  • 3 Questions About QE Answered; No One Is Ducking Anything
    Thu, Feb. 13 347 Comments
  • Welcome To The Twilight Zone; The Fed 'Tapers' And The 10-Year Rate Falls And Gold Rallies
    Wed, Feb. 12 SPY, DIA, QQQ 48 Comments
  • Biodiesel Margins, Ethanol RINs And An EPA RFS2 Update
    Tue, Feb. 11 GPRE, SYNM, REGI 14 Comments
  • Tracking Contango In The VIX Futures Market Is Essential To Effectively Using The VIX ETFs
    Tue, Feb. 11 VXX, UVXY, TVIX 9 Comments
  • Major Macro Investment Theme; Weakening Support For Climate Change Legislation
    Mon, Feb. 10 XLE, KOL, ERX 9 Comments
  • The Government Won't Kill Bitcoin, Apple Or Some Other Corporation Will
    Mon, Feb. 10 AAPL, COIN, UUP 17 Comments
  • Contango Unchained: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The VIX
    Editors' Pick • Sun, Feb. 9 SVXY, XVZ, XIV 187 Comments
  • The Fed Should Ignore Its Critics And Focus On Its Mandate
    Sat, Feb. 8 GLD, GLL 52 Comments