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  • Earnings Preview: Synaptics [View article]
    Wow Did SYNA get crushed on Friday. If you own the stock I am not telling you something you dont already know but as a trader (and not yet trading SYNA) I thought it was pretty interesting. It fell off the bridge like they were stinking up the joint. The real question with the sell off is that they are NOT stinking up the place and in fact doing well. The market and shareholders totally fixated on guidance being lower than expected and someone thought it was a good idea to hit the panic button.

    I bought SYNA into the close and may buy more into dips next week as I think when the panic fades and people see the value in the stock at "sales prices" the price will move higher
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  • The Search for Safe Assets for Mad Times [View article]
    I have to agree with the guns and ammo comment.

    Rare guns seem to continue to go up in value year after year. I am not so sure you can 'invest' in ammo as it loses the portability aspect pretty fast but to have a rare $5000+ handgun is a way to store value and in very evil times can have other uses as well.

    While I am not a hunter I have been adding a few guns per year to a collection (I haven't shot most of them) and while many investments have gone down all the guns that I have bought can be sold for more than I paid and in some cases like some
    WWII M1s that I bought three years ago they have more than doubled.

    I understand some people simply don't like guns and that's fine but it doesn't change the fact that as an investment they are rock solid and during times of crisis they may have more value than their weight in gold.
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  • More Good News: Record High Credit Card Defaults [View article]
    I think the article is well written and makes some valid points. I also believe that bankruptcy does raise the cost for the rest of us. I have carried credit card debt at times over more than one month and that rates pretty high on my stupid scale of things that I have done.

    One should never buy something that one needs to borrow at high interest rates to do so. It may be argued that once in a while in an emergency its understandable but even then that's usually a result of poor planning before the event happened. So many people live their lives like their car will never break down and/or unexpected expenses will not happen to them.
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  • Swine Flu: Don't Hit the Bunkers Just Yet [View article]
    At this stage the author is right no target. Way overdone. I don't know this but I would guess that more people in Mexico City died last week in car crashes than the flu.

    If it continues at some point we have to adjust and get ready for battening down the hatches but we are not IMHO at that point yet. With about 100 deaths so far its not even a data point out of a population of over 10 million.
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  • Wynn Resorts Shows Surprising Strength in Offering [View article]
    Good article by the author.

    I have been following LVS, and BYD for over a year and they are both slow along with the rest of Vegas.

    I am long LVS and short BYD put options so I do not believe that either will file for BK. I also agree with the author that WYNN appears to be the strongest or at least one of the strongest casino stocks you will find out there.
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  • Protectionism by Any Other Name [View article]
    James Kwak is right on point.

    As the largest manufacturer in the world and a country that depends in a large part on exports the talk of trade barriers scares me.

    We pay for our life style in part by borrowing money which will someday have to be paid back regardless of what the Washington leaders think.

    Taking away low cost goods and at the same time lowering our exports due to a trade war is about as dumb as it gets while trying to keep the masses happy with what the government doesn't take away from them.

    Jan 24 12:10 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Unusual Options Activity Review: Thursday [View article]
    Not a big surprise with GE earnings about to come out in about 12 mins from the time I write this.

    I been writting puts for Feb and Mar as I feel it doesnt matter what they report the stock will go up. There just isnt any other AAA stocks with such a wonderful PE and dividend even if it both get cut in half.

    GE is a great company and in the next few months there will be a lot of people wishing they didn't panic out of their stock.

    This says a lot that I am bullish with GE as I am NOT a value investor and short over 95% of my trades / investments.
    Jan 23 08:22 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How We Solved the Gas Price Problem [View article]
    Anton Wahlman you are right on the money !

    The officials in Washington are way over their heads and have no clue on how an economy works or how real wealth is created. They have no understanding that they are very capable of sending our country into chaos. There really is a limit to how much we can borrow but they don't know it (or they simply want to get re-elected )

    There is still a large percentage of the population that believe the government can provide universal health care and more because they have no idea how bad we are and that the only reason we appear to be doing great is that we are mortgaging our future to do so.

    If only we could have a policy of letting the free market do its magic we would all be so much better off.

    I look forward to reading more of your articles
    Jan 23 01:12 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tuesday Options Update: GE, STT, NTRS, BAC & XLF [View article]
    Wilkinson good article this week. Especially GE.

    With Buffet buying in at a much higher price it makes you wonder who 'knows more'??

    I have been an active seller of puts for the last few trading sessions and GE appears to be a real value. Its a AAA rated stock with a good dividend and a good PE. When you strip GE of half its PE and count in a dividend cut by 50% it STILL appears to be a great value to me.

    My 14 feb puts and now today my 13 puts are in the money and if I get GE stock put to me with a net cost of 13.30 and 12.35 I will still feel very comfortable unless something negative happens with the financial reports. Market panic does not make me worry and in fact it sometimes when done right gives you a chance to buy something on sale.
    Jan 20 05:30 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apollo Group's Strong Earnings Are Misleading [View article]
    I am short APOL with both stock and by writting naked calls.

    Most of the time my trades are in such a short time frame that I just record them after the fact. This time is one of the rare times where there is still plenty of time to get in and short it as there is a lot of downside in APOL.

    Jan 18 08:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Rise of an Epic Financial Crisis [View article]
    The government is the ultimate losing trader. averaging losing trades in hopes that it can come out the other end of the mess.

    The leaders that actually pass the laws have no clue what they are doing. They are only hoping that the advise they receive will save them from losing the next election with total disregard of the job they are paid to do.

    Our economy is not that bad, surely not bad enough where the government is going so deep in debt when we don't even pay back our debt in good times. What are they going to do if this doesn't work and we slide into 15 or 20% (or even more) unemployment and all the bullets are used up and NO ONE will loan us money??

    They are risking our democracy in the hopes that our economy will feel no pain ever. They fail to understand that in the long run downturns are good for an economy as they result in new efficiencies that will help us stay competitive with the rest of the world.

    This is all done without even the consideration that they can fail because they think we can borrow money forever and live in a world financed by a credit card that the bill will never come.
    Jan 18 11:34 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Dividend or AAA Debt Rating: Which Will GE Choose? [View article]
    I guess your name says why you own GE. Lets take for granted that your right about GE and say that they cut it in half.

    Lets for good measure say that GE profit drops in half as well.

    What is your net result after?

    You have a AAA rated stock that has been really beaten down that has a PE of about 13 and a dividend of 4.5%

    In my book you still have a great investment. Still worried that things could get worse and want to protect yourself? No problem, write some LEAPS or longer term options to help protect against some downside. (sorry, no such thing as risk free money unless you want to bring it down to the bank)

    I for one have been selling puts in GE as I think the price is depressed due to fear which I think will go away.

    What is more strange is that someone like me is a net long via options as I short over 95% of my trades and GE is the only stock I am long with. There just simply is way too much fear in this stock for me not to want to buy it as the current facts and even the unknown of the earnings report say that if it does go lower it will have a very good chance to go back up quickly in my opinion.
    Jan 17 06:03 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Seven Ways to Play Both Oil Scenarios [View article]
    Matt Weinschenk good article.

    I have been selling USO puts as of about two weeks ago as I feel oil is either at a bottom short term or reduction in pricing will slow down to the point that options will be profitable. So far so good as the USO 26 Jan puts I sold exp yesterday totally out of the money

    I don't think oil cant continue down, I just don't think that oil will go down fast and/or stay down. At least not below 20 for any real length of time.
    Jan 17 10:55 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Exclusive Interview with Jim Rogers: Inflation Is Coming [View article]
    Good interview with Mr. Rogers.

    Mr. Rogers is the kind of guy who not only talks the talk but can walk the walk which is very impressive to me.

    I have been to China many times and the growth and free market attitude is so strong that it makes me wonder about the future of the United States and my Children living here.

    I get the feeling that most of the people that are making long term choices for us in DC have never worked a day in their life and hold the belief that the US government will never have to stop spending more than it brings in. They for sure don't ever think they will have to pay the bill for what was already spent.

    Both of my children can count in Chinese and say some other words as I agree with Mr. Rogers that China now is like America was 100 years ago.
    Jan 15 05:26 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Exclusive Interview with Jim Rogers: Inflation Is Coming [View article]

    Small correction. Mr. Rogers did not move to China but rather Singapore which is a city-state in Asia.

    On Jan 15 04:55 PM Sentinel wrote:

    > Roger is the only one I know who had the balls to sell everything
    > he had in America and move to China.
    > Now when a man with that kind of track record (4200% gain over 10
    > years) gained from being able to look ahead and read the tea leaves
    > ups and sells all his property and all his dollar holdings and moves
    > to China....well....that should tell you something about the state
    > of America now and in the not too distant future.
    > Heavy will the crown of Messiahhood lay on Obama's head. The 2012
    > elections are going to be a site to behold. And the safest place
    > to watch just may be in Jim's living room in China.
    Jan 15 05:19 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment