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  • TVIX ETN Sell-Off Explained [View article]
    You wrote a very good and valuable article and I know it's easy to think of these as ETFs.

    Keep up the good work

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  • TVIX ETN Sell-Off Explained [View article]
    Once again, the $TVIX is not an ETF it's an ETN

    There IS a difference.

    Using incorrect terms may give the appearance of a lack of fully understanding the product.

    Here is a description of the added risks of ETNs
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  • TVIX ETN Sell-Off Explained [View article]
    I am sure it's a simple oversight but the $TVIX is NOT an ETF. It's an ETN and that is the reason (in part) for the sell off. Its the credit risk fear that is a large factor in driving the price lower. When you buy the TVIX you become an unsecured creditor of Credit Suisse. If you believe Credit Suisse is not going away or more importantly default, then that risk largely goes away (over time).

    If it isn't an oversight and the difference isn't clear you may want to do some homework with this issue.

    Perhaps the article should not be tagged as ETFs either, but I can understand why it would be too.
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  • This Guy Is Absolutely Right About Pandora, And So Am I [View article]
    I believe $HPQ was awarded over 100 patents every working day on average in 2011. That's a lot of patents for a company that is no longer "inventing"

    I understand HP has issues and agree with you there. It it my theory that the problems are more than priced in and the stock is cheap relative to the value which is what really matters to me.
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  • This Guy Is Absolutely Right About Pandora, And So Am I [View article]
    Thanks for the kind words. yeah it's not easy being a fan of $HPQ or $RIMM lately.

    I am not so sure you are one of the "few" who backs Rocco, I think he has over 3500 followers....LOL Time for the first annual Rocco Pendola Investor Seminar on $RCL I think.
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  • This Guy Is Absolutely Right About Pandora, And So Am I [View article]
    The best way to understand my position in RIM is to read these and to read my posting at where I discuss in full.

    The short answer is they are having issues, but it's more than priced in and I expect when good news comes out the stock will pop above $20
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  • This Guy Is Absolutely Right About Pandora, And So Am I [View article]
    Hello SanDiego,

    Nice catch. and thanks for reading my article.

    Disclosure: I am currently Long RIMM, HPQ, and between writing and now also long P

    (I spent about a year in SanDiego while in the Navy. I really enjoyed my time there. What a wonderful place)
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  • Buying Apple At These Levels Is Not As Crazy As It May Appear [View article]
    LOL, I hear what you're trying to say, Traders in my chat room at short overbought stocks everyday. Perhaps overbought requires a time element to keep a relevant framing
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  • Buying Apple At These Levels Is Not As Crazy As It May Appear [View article]
    Hello St,

    Thanks for reading and this is a good question. "Why do we pick one strike over another"

    without looking at the chain the simple reason is you would not "lop off" $20 but maybe only $15ish. The amount of time premium is lower with the $570 as well so if apple doesn't move at all the amount lost to time decay is lower. the $570 of course carries more risk (its why its more expensive as options are a transfer of risk) so if Apple moves lower the total amount lost could be higher
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  • Apple: Taking Some Profits Without Selling Your Shares Just Yet [View article]
    Thanks for the kind words. I would like to tell you my website, but they are still working on the the "stuff" before they even start on the options area (probably another month or so)

    I would check the or for software I would look at tradestation and also check if you can API excel into your brokers software for data.

    Otherwise if you know the leg's numbers you can copy paste them into a spreadsheet and get numbers that way.
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  • Comcast Dividend Capture With Options [View article]
    I like the relationship in the charts relative to the premium in the options. I would look to sell bearish volatility as it appears expensive to me.
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  • Apple: Taking Some Profits Without Selling Your Shares Just Yet [View article]
    Mathmatically DITM calls have just as much edge all else being equal as DOTM calls so there is logical justification not to sell or buy one or the other.
    EDGE and Probabilities are two very different things.

    I don't want to go too deep into tax issues and want to be clear that my tax related statements are based on my experience alone. That said, it is my belief that you are in error about short vs long term cap gains. As long as a year passed with ownership the long term cap gains is "vested" (not the correct term, but meaning) and after the year ITM calls can be written for 30 days as an example and if the shares get called away its a long term cap event not a short term. Anyway, I respectfully submit that you're in error about the tax status.

    I didn't say someone wasn't smart, I said someone that bought the shares are SMARTER, it's of course in the figurative expression of meaning not an actual IQ test....

    "Just hold on to the shares unless you really need cash..." is not an acceptable or reasonable investment strategy in my opinion.

    Sorry, I am not trying to go out of my way to pick on you. I just don't share the same thoughts as you comment post
    Mar 14 09:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Taking Some Profits Without Selling Your Shares Just Yet [View article]
    Some thoughts come to mind with $AAPL. This isn't directed at you but in general terms.

    Unless I was going to pay zero in capital gains or I thought long term cap gains may go up (think Obama re-election) I would likely look at other ways to exit IF I wanted to. Selling ITM Leaps comes to mind

    With money as cheap as it is (30yr fixed at 3.75%ish) now is the time not to be paying down, but rather increasing mortgage amounts. Before I get a bunch of replies, let me add that AGAIN this is not directed at anyone but in general terms AND I fully understand and agree that people should borrow less than they feel totally comfortable with. For some paying off a mortgage is as much a life goal as it is an economic event and that's fine. I am speaking purely from a raw numbers point of view.

    What you paid for a stock should have no bearing on what you do with the stock RIGHT NOW. When "traders" try to sound impressive which can happen from time to time at events, It's always easy to spot the lack of experience from someone who uses statements like "I am going to sell as soon as I break even" (everyone including myself has said it too) .....
    Deciding to buy or sell a stock should never be difficult and when it is that means emotion is likely playing a roll and that is about the worst thing that can happen. You never want emotion to play a part in financial matters because logic is more often right than emotion.

    I suggest to everyone that doesn't have a game plan to simply make one with your stocks moving forward. Have a buy entry(s) price, and exit price(s) including stop losses.

    One way to know if you want to own something at a given price is to reverse the situation. Ask the question of "if I had X amount of $$$ would I buy this stock right now?" (tax considerations excluded) When you look at it from that point of view it may help illuminate the correct path to take. From a financial point of view there is no difference in holding the stock or taking the same valuation in cash and buying it at any given price (again pre-tax).

    The monthly chart looks like an iCrash is something that should surprise no one if it happens, but it can go a long way before moving lower. In fact, often the largest strongest move is the last move before a fall (not always of course). Moving to the daily chart it doesn't look nearly as full of peril.

    FWIW I keep it on a main screen (I have 12) because I have been intraday shorting it here and there including today for the last couple of weeks or so. It's paid off well, BUT I am a fairly good market timer
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  • Apple: Taking Some Profits Without Selling Your Shares Just Yet [View article]
    Hello Annie,

    Thank you for reading my $AAPL article and taking the time to add to the discussion.

    Yes, with American style options there is a small, albeit real possibility of getting your shares called away early. With a stock like Apple the odds are greater than most other stocks of having this happen in the days leading up to and including option expiration day.

    When your shares get called away early it is almost always a positive event because any time value that the person had with the options over you is now gone. You are then free to re buy the shares if you wish (and resell the options too). Of course if the point was to exit the position you are now out early. Don't count on it, but if you're the lucky one (it's a lottery to see who gets exercised) be thankful and move on to the next step.

    The point you make about expiration is a good one as well. Technically options are "supposed" to expire on Saturday, but the reality is they expire on Friday because the OCC will not take execution requests after 5PM CST on Friday (a whole different scam on investors that I won't go into here)

    I often will buy out of the money options near the closing on any given Friday at the right price looking to exercise the option in after hours trading (if the stock moves in the correct direction I either buy or sell and close out by manual exercise of the option after putting on the trade.

    As a general rule with a high price stock like Apple, if the option strike price is close and I do not want weekend carryover risk I will pay up (usually a nickel or dime at the most, but often only one or two cents) to close the position out.
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  • Pandora: Make Money Even If The Stock Doesn't Bounce [View article]
    It's late so I don't have much time but I did want to say thanks for your comment. I believe you added much value to this thread.

    With that being said, I also believe P will continue to make inroads into the sweet AM drive time as more and more cars start kicking out P while driving
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