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Robert Zurrer  

Robert Zurrer started Trading at Merrill Lynch in 1980 and traded commodities for 28 years culminating in winning $25,000 in a US Trading Championship in 2007 with a gain of 77.6% in 60 trading days. He writes for, a website dedicated to finding the finest calibre of independent financial thinking and up to the minute market updates. As is displayed on our website, our ceaseless search for the highest quality of market knowledge brings our customers detailed, yet varied and unbiased opinions on current financial issues from some of the most knowledgeable analysts in the world.

Founded by the well respected Canadian Business analyst Michael Campbell, MoneyTalks has remained committed to providing ...More
  • Description: Sell Side Research Analyst/Trader. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Bonds, Gold
Money Talks “MoneyTalks is the daily destination for analyses of current topics from numerous dynamic voices in the financial world. The public debate desperately needs alternatives to the common thematic thread that is so prevalent in our mainstream media, and MoneyTalks is committed to giving viewers a diverse outlook ...More
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africa Mar 15, 2011