Robin Handler

Long/short equity, special situations
Robin Handler
Long/short equity, special situations
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Company: OSS Traders
Me too!
And where is your winning trades performance report?
ignorance is unacceptalbe
What is laughable is you guys. I got a 10 years history of being over 85% correct and a list of traders who have been with me for years. Who called for a big move down on Wednesday or Thursday last week? Who runs an options trading service that just keeps making money month in and month out? How many of my weekly newsletter have you read? Did you write a book show an undeniable correlation between the Moon's movement and the stock market?
This post at the Wall Street Forecast will make you think twice:
Read the previous newsletters, then you will understand.
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That is exactly what I meant. Exactly!
NO, NO, NO! UUP to tank. Here is this week's cycle chart I sent to subscribers:
My indicators show a pull-back into Friday, then another rally. Monday is a CIT date for SLV and GLD.
Today was the top for the week. Should be a pull-back to the 20-day MA. Next Monday we start moving up again.
Gold is set to dive this week. Check this out.
Watch out for a sudden pop in OIL in the next week or two, then it drops into Sept.
My work shows a major reversal in numerous markets in the time-frame 7/14-7/21. This should send Glod, Silver, and the SPX to new yearly highs
My cyclical analysis agrees with most of your thoughts. Mid-July is a makor reversal time. Gold, Silver, and the SPX should all make new yearly highs in August.
#JACK -- Looking like another move down. Down 15% in last 3 months. Reports 2nd quarter May 18th.
Repeating time period for DJI 2010
Chart showing the predominant repeating time period for the last year in the DJI. "A" and "B" signal a reversal starting on Thursday the 11th.