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Momentum, portfolio strategy, short only, contrarian
Robinson Roacho
Momentum, portfolio strategy, short only, contrarian
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Issuing more stock will cause dilution .... that is always a bad sign.
I am still worried that the revenue does not even cover the interest expense. I feel that the company will have a very tough time, and I also feel that it will not make it.
I feel that one key difference is that in 2009, the price quickly bounced back. If crude oil does not bounce back, I think the company will go bankrupt.
Also, I think that writing an article about a company that I own provides biased information. How could you objectively criticize a company either good or bad if you work there? Just a red flag in my book.
Spreadsheets for the win! :) They provide good information to those who want to see it.
If that was the case, there would be many stocks out of the 10,000 stocks with no coverage whatsoever. Is there anybody else that is covering this stock? I doubt it. Here is the red flag.
You're welcome! Nothing better than readers getting the right message.
.... it seems to me that you are upset that you did not attend BU! Go Terriers!.... and please learn how to use Excel! You need spreadsheet knowledge to figure out losing trends! Boston University is a great school to learn :D Go Terriers!
I think you live in a delusional world. I will not take it on you! It does not matter to me what you do with your money.
By the way, the assignment in TipRanks has been corrected. Here is the link: I do have a decent success ratio in my recommendations.... pure luck though :(
Boston University... Go Terriers!!!! :D
I agree! That is making money... though.... making profit is better than making money :)
You can blame me as much as you want, the day you realize that it is your own fault because of your "due diligence", that day you may start making money.
LOL! If I buy a lottery ticket, $1 dollar will get me 30 million. That is called gambling. anyways, we must depart ways since all of your stocks are now penny stocks and I will not write about them, probably...
..... Who are you trying to impress? the weak-minded?
1,300 * $0.05 = 65 dollars invested..... ?
with a @200 dollar position, you will only purchase 2 shares of IBM. Why do you want me to write about IBM, AAPL or XOM if you only put $200? buying the put is more expense than buying the share lol.
psshh.... now u talking about sub penny stocks... :) envy? /sigh
>>>>> now he is getting scared he may lose his lunch money.>>>>... Speaking about projecting... focus on your position, which is down 20% already, not on me.
200 shares? You have invested $150 dollars in ARP? Nice.... although that is more than I have (which is zero), I was thinking that you had thousands of shares... so your "strategy to protect through puts" involved buying 2 puts for $30? At least if/when ARP goes bankrupt, you will say "Oh it was a very small position and free shares, I didn't lose anything".
IBM tanking from $142 to $136, XOM tanking from $83 to $77, AAPL tanking from $120 to $110. The world appears to be ending, indeed! I better hide under my desk until all is clear!
I do not get irritated by your comments, I just think they are weird, which is fine with me! We have freedom of speech! It does not matter how badly you attack me, you will never piss me off :) It's like no matter how badly you blame other people for bad investments, in the end you are the one who pushes the buy button.
Never ceases to amaze me the amount of lies that you post... I can't wait for the "strategy on the puts that you bought". You may dazzle the rest of the peeps here because 1) They ask you for advice, 2) they think my articles have anything to do with the price of ARP, 3) they do not live in the real world and they blame everybody but themselves...but I am somewhat seasoned despite my young age, and all that you have done is lie to other people. by the way, only a novice would ask me to write a bearish article on AAPL to bring the price down so you can buy it low.... I do not know how to evaluate those statements since I am not a psychiatrist.
Are you naive? That is not my blog... it is just a ranking, and for some reason they decided my article on LGCY was bullish. However, I will not waste my time sending emails to them. I would focus in developing my technique to have better yields as opposed to lose money and complain every day. :) Happy Holidays!
Where does it say that?! lol .... How could it be listed as a buy based on the article I wrote? hehe
I really think you should slow down on the candy.. too much sugar it makes you say weird stuff... hehehe
why would I call a bottom if I do not see a bottom?! lol... it is only investors here who see a bottom! hehe
if I write that MCEP will BK in the future, people will start sobbing, just as they did with this and the previous article, lol
I am glad I was of help! Nobody ever loses money! Everybody is a winner winner chicken dinner :) Still odd how you would think that my articles have anything to do with price.... but those mysteries will never be resolved in this life or the next one. Cheers.
If you believe that the articles I write are causing price drops in stocks, you might as well believe that I am writing on behalf of Boston University. Anything is possible with you.... So I am just clarifying. :) Cheers!
You are very welcome! my pleasure to help out the investment community.
I am 29 and still going to school! That is correct! Go Terriers! <3 Boston University. By the way, my articles are in no way associated to my school or my job :)
MCEP has a market cap of 47M. LGCY has a market cap of 122M. As a general rule, Seeking Alpha does not accept articles on stock with a market cap less than 100M. Hence I will not write about MCEP. Also, it does not have a dividend. What would I write about MCEP???