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  • Gold And Real Interest Rates Are Virtually Uncorrelated
    Thu, Apr. 10 GLD, IAU, PHYS 5 Comments


    • Higher real interest rates do not necessarily mean lower gold prices.
    • The reasons behind any interest rate increases, and the levels in real terms, are critical variables in whether any change in interest rates has a measurable effect on gold prices.
    • Investors should not refrain from investing in gold now based on the expectation that higher rates will push gold prices lower.
  • Stronger Gold In The Short Term
    Mon, Jan. 27 GLD, IAU, PHYS 6 Comments
  • Central Bank Gold Demand Is Not What It Seems
    Nov. 12, 2013 GLD 16 Comments
  • Printing Money Does Not Equal Higher Gold
    Oct. 22, 2013 GLD 40 Comments
  • Gold Cash Costs Set To Decline
    Oct. 14, 2013 GDX 17 Comments
  • Gold's Near-Term Future: A Game Of Roulette
    Sep. 17, 2013 GLD 6 Comments
  • Much Ado About Nothing
    Aug. 26, 2013 GLD 13 Comments
  • Gold Secondary Supply: Saving Grace For Prices
    Aug. 6, 2013 GLD 15 Comments
  • Gold: A Time To Buy
    Jul. 2, 2013 GLD, IAU, SGOL 12 Comments
  • Precious Metals: Weaker Times Ahead
    Jun. 12, 2013 AGOL, GLTR, IAU 7 Comments
  • South African Labor Unrest And Its Impact On Platinum Group Metal Prices
    Oct. 15, 2012 GLTR, PALL, PPLT 1 Comment
  • Gold Prices Could Rise Over The Remainder Of This Year
    Aug. 21, 2012 GLD, IAU 6 Comments
  • Cautiously Optimistic On Palladium
    Jul. 16, 2012 GLTR, PALL, WITE 4 Comments
  • Impact Of U.S. Monetary Accommodation On The Dollar, Gold Prices
    Jun. 18, 2012 GLD, UUP 5 Comments