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There is no supply or patent issue, Trade in Mexico made clear points as to why, but you did not respond. If you wait to buy when guys like you realize there is no supply issue and that this company is not reliant on a single patent to continue, you will be buying the stock after it doubles to $4 which is where it was not long ago!
After hours trading shows CTHR is probably going to move higher tomorrow. Hope to buy cheap before it rises.
ook- you should do your research before unfairly criticizing others. The govt proposal to halt TEO dividend is just that, a proposal and SHAREHOLDERS of TEO have to vote on it and agree. Now, tell me if you really believe, TEO shareholders are going to vote against their own dividend payment????? I doubt it very much. It's just a bunch of noise from the govt and the dividend is likely to stand.
I completely agree, Chipotle is a "greater fool" game at this point and that will continue to work......until it doesn't, just as we saw with Netflix.
Nice article.....TEF does look interesting but it just keeps dropping.
Stone Fox, I agree with you, WFT has upside from here. Would love to buy more at $13 or so if it breaks down!
Nice article! TEF is interesting, but with all the headwinds, it's hard to buy a big position.
I merely pointed out that you did a cut and paste job here which you NOW readily admit, and you are mad at me for stating those facts?
If you take copyrighted material or quotes from other sites and fail to give them credit for it, there is no excuse for that. This is not an article but rather a compilation of data that is not unique and provides no analysis.
The link to Yahoo I posted above shows a business description that is almost verbatim to the posts made above in the article. Read what the article says about Exxon and read this excerpt from the Yahoo business description for Exxon:
"The company manufactures and markets commodity petrochemicals, including olefins, aromatics, polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, and other specialty products. It also has interests in electric power generation facilities."
I don't see where this article gives credit to Yahoo or Google for "intentional use" of a business description. The point is it should give credit, and I am surprised that SA is allowing articles with limited analysis and cut and paste excerpts from other sites to be published.
The write-up you offer on the stocks like Exxon (XOM) is not original, it is primarily a cut and paste from Yahoo Finance (Profiles). Compare what you "wrote" to what is on Yahoo in this link for Exxon and the other stocks:
Palatin Technologies (PTN) looks like a great buy now also, just noticed a hedge fund took a stake of over 5% in the company:
Great article, I like Catalyst. I also like Palatin Technologies (PTN) it's starting to rebound after tax loss selling and a hedge fund just disclosed buying more than 5% in PTN:
Palatin Technologies (PTN) is another biotech that could surge in 2012. It is trading close to cash value and has started to rebound after tax loss selling. Plus a hedge fund just announced a 5+% investment in the stock.
Kevin, You did a great job here, fantastic article and analysis!
I bought BIDU when it was about (split adjusted) $6.80 cents per share and everyone though Google would crush it. As you correctly point out, Chinese consumers will go with a Chinese company like BIDU or DANG way before a Google or Amazon.
The problem is that if management continues with the status quo for 2-3 more years, the liquidation value that you believe exists today will not be there when and if the company is eventually liquidated.
Great article, many investors miss the details you point out here.
Great article Dominic. The markets have been tending to wallpaper over the problems at times, and then in a very short time, we see the wallpaper peeling off rather quickly. Politicians and central bankers are busy applying new wallpaper but it's coming off just about as fast...
Good article and I think Toyota is a great company, but with Ford (and even GM) making some high quality cars and trading for only about 6 times, it's hard to buy Toyota at more than double that multiple. Especially when you consider that Ford and GM don't have the Yen headwinds that Toyota is facing.
DEJ has been making higher highs and higher lows recently, that is what "winning" stocks do before breaking out to new highs. Also, considering how weak the markets have been, DEJ has held up well. I agree DEJ has been stuck in a trading range but, I expect that DEJ will sooner or later break out and those that try to trade DEJ for a few cents profit will be left in the dust. The catalyst for a higher trading range for DEJ is the speed at which new dilling and wells are coming online. DEJ is my top stock pick for 2012.
DEJ (Dejour Energy) is one of the best small oil stocks right now.
Great article, I agree the markets are now set up for disappointment, after a big run. I sold non-core holdings last week and will wait for better prices.
Thanks Jiang, I like this stock also, very cheap here and it could payoff like a lottery ticket in the long-term if management performs.
The point about Y2K is that it is possible for a large group of people to be convinced of a certain outcome, and that it does not always go as planned.
While I agree that the risks are serious and the potential for a global crash exists, my concern remains that the easiest trade to make is often the wrong one.
Right now the easiest thing to do is sit in cash or short everything and that is what MANY investors are doing. The hardest thing to do is buy stocks and risk assets. Easy, obvious trades rarely do as well as the masses expect.
One more factor to consider is oil which is even after a big market decline and major economic fears, is still trading for $96 per barrel. That price does not indicate a European collapse or global depression, but it does seem to be predicting money printing. The oil markets seem to be anticipating the only way out for Europe is to print money.
Great article, and it's hard to disagree. However, I have to consider what John Tully said, in that my concern is this is the most well advertised crisis ever, and we have had lots of time to plan for it. With so many, so strongly believing this will end badly, it does make you want to consider being a contrarian. Remember many were convinced y2k was a certain crisis and filled their bathtubs with water.
As bleak as things look now, it might be the time we start seeing major policy shifts, ECB and China lowering rates, ECB printing money, and Italy slashing budgets, etc. The right measures might be enough to allow Europe to muddle through, but if Germany blocks this for too much longer, the crisis can spin beyond the control of all governments, that is the real risk.
Path, the company said it has nothing to do with the probe, but obviously the credibility is not high. Don't you realize they might be biased to say it is not related? Also, how do they know it is not related? If the company knows a specific non-business reason it should have stated one. The lack of a specific reason is driving some to believe the timing of this is not a coincidence.
Adam is using common sense and doesn't deserve to be attacked for that.
Adam, interesting article, I have been watching this stock and I wrote articles stating DMND was overvalued when it was much higher. After a big decline there is the desire to go bargain hunting but after this recent event, I think this stock is very risky for longs. There is a strong chance that all the bad news is not out yet and this looks like a falling knife.
DEJ is might favorite oil stock now and it has Niobrara assets. It should triple in the next 6-12 months.
I like KOG but I like DEJ much better. DEJ has a great management team and the company just announced new wells being drilled and a great earnings report. Zacks has a $1 price target and the stock is now at 41 cents.