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Russ Kaplan
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Thank you for your comments
Yes, they were pretty positive on the conference call. If I have your email I can put you on my mailing list
I'd say 21. Are you on my email list?
Thank you for your comments. I wish things were better for the majority of Peruvians, but I think Southern Copper is a good buy.
Can you recommend some books that will give me a better perspective on Latin America?
Thank you for your comments. Can we agree to disagree
I agree there is a risk which is why I have a diversified portfolio. If you would like to be on my email list, please give me your email
Can we agree to disagree on this and see who is right?
I am not a big technical analyst, but thanks for the reinforcement
I think RIMMs one hope is that someone will buy either the company or parts of the company
Thank you for your comments. The editor wanted to add some material and I was unaware she copied Value Line word for word. It won't happen again thanks to someone pointing it out.
I understand you know Ben Gerber. Ben has just joined our staff.
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